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that teach powerful, spiritual techniques based on the ancient mysteries.

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Our publications teach powerful, spiritual techniques based on the ancient mysteries. The information is presented in a modern format to help you relearn to know yourself, both spirit and body. The techniques are taught with refreshing simplicity and are practical to use in all aspects of life. The information can be used in quiet meditation and in daily living whether you are a beginner or are an experienced spiritual seeker.

Please note: Our physical products, CDs and soft/hard cover books, are only available to purchase and ship in the US. However, we have easy-to-download eBooks and MP3 Audio Downloads available to everyone around the world.

If you find something on our “shelves” that, after reading or listening, has an impact on your life, we would love to hear from you. Your stories inspire us!

“Meditation is the process through which we heal ourselves and our world. It is the path to our spiritual awakening and our oneness with all things.”
‒ Mary Ellen Flora, Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening

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The Key Series Audios

These audio presentations contain different content than the books by the same name. Each audio contains 30 minutes of instruction on techniques, and 30 minutes of guided meditation. Each audio is unique according to the topic.

“I found the Meditation book by Mary Ellen Flora through CDMSpiritualCenter.org. The tools I learned through that book have improved my quality of life and relationships immensely. I am having more fun, am more present with my family and friends, and I stress out a lot less!”

— Kate S.

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