From 1976 through the present, the techniques taught at CDM have changed the lives of thousands of people worldwide

How CDM began

CDM was founded by Mary Ellen Flora and Menuard “Doc” Slusher in Seattle, Washington in 1976. Since its beginnings in Mary Ellen and Doc’s residence, the organization has expanded throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Today, CDM includes Church of Divine Man, CDM Spiritual Center, and CDM Publications. It is incorporated in Washington, Oregon, and throughout Canada, and continues to grow through its online offerings.

Why CDM? What Does It Mean?

CDM stands for Church of Divine Man. The name Church of Divine Man has a double meaning. One: it validates the Divine nature of Jesus and of all the great spiritual teachers. Two: it acknowledges the divinity within all of us, the Divine nature of all people.

What is the CDM Spiritual Center?

The CDM Spiritual Center is the teaching arm of CDM. It was founded to augment the Church and teach the spiritual techniques. The Spiritual Center has changed and developed since its foundation. It began as the Washington Psychic Institute, grew into the CDM Psychic Institute, and today is known as the CDM Spiritual Center.

Many students have been ordained as ministers by CDM and have gone on to work as staff members, to create their own spiritual organizations, to write spiritual books, to read, to teach, or use the information in a variety of professional healing avenues and in their personal life.

What is CDM Publications?

CDM Publications is the publishing arm of CDM. It is a small press, founded by Mary Ellen in 1990, that offers a variety of unique and spiritually focused literature in the form of books, audios, and videos to enhance the learning process.

CDM Founders: Mary Ellen Flora and M.F. ‘Doc’ Slusher

Doc and Mary Ellen incorporated the Church of Divine Man in Washington State, USA in 1976. They began teaching and doing spiritual readings and healings immediately. The early response in Seattle, WA was so enthusiastic they had to move the program from their home to a church building for more space.

Doc and Mary Ellen came to their spiritual work with a great deal of life experience.

“The things I have created in my reality were not what my lazy, pleasure-loving body-self could ever have dreamed of creating. These creations are a validation of spirit and of a spiritual commitment to a cosmic purpose. It is because of spiritual purpose that I have persisted.”

From I Believe: Sermons by Doc Slusher

Doc came to his spiritual calling after a lifetime of healing. He began his life in the Ozark Mountains. He earned his nickname, “Doc” at an early age when he used to lay his hands on family and friends to help heal them.

In 1939, Doc joined the US Navy. During World War II, he saw action in the Pacific Theatre, including Pearl Harbor. By 1943, he was a Medic in the US Marines. After the war, he pursued a career in Dentistry, where he practiced for about 20 years before becoming allergic to tooth dust. This allowed Doc to pursue new avenues. He created an orchard and operated it until the mid-1970’s when he discovered the Church of Divine Man in Berkeley, CA and began his spiritual path.

Mary Ellen’s path to her ministry began when she was very young. She always had an awareness of herself, the spirit, and knew that she was here to serve God from an early age. Her studies, travels, teaching positions, and international experiences broadened her world view and established the foundation for her spiritual work. These life experiences prepared her to lead an organization whose sole purpose is to help people awaken to their spiritual nature and their relationship with God.

“Meditation is the process through which we heal ourselves and our world. It is the path to our spiritual awakening and our oneness with all things.”

From Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening by Mary Ellen Flora

Mary Ellen and Doc were both ordained in 1976 at the Church of Divine Man, Berkeley, CA after training at the Berkeley Psychic Institute. Following ordination, they established CDM in Seattle as a separate corporation. In the early years, Doc and Mary Ellen also established and developed seven Churches in Tacoma, Olympia, Bellingham, Spokane, and Everett, WA; Portland, OR; and Vancouver, BC, Canada. They also created a Retreat on Vashon Island, WA.

Mary Ellen spent the next decade supporting these CDM locations and developing the structure that would continue to support the organization. This structure includes the Purpose, Creed and Practice – the mission statement of CDM. From this mission statement, Mary Ellen developed a Church Manual and Handbooks for administration and teaching, and organizational tools for Branch development. Eventually the organizational design shifted to an online focus for outreach and education, and the Branches were dissolved.

Mary Ellen has always been a teacher. In this role, she developed the curriculum for the Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyance, Kundalini, Seminary, Teaching, Spiritual Life, Dean’s, Bishop and Children’s programs. She has also taught others to teach these classes and programs.

To reach an even greater audience, Mary Ellen has written numerous spiritual books and audio offerings. These works provide spiritual techniques and guidance to the spiritual seeker and teach people how to turn within to find themselves, the spirit, and their unique information.

Through CDM classes, readings, presentations, books and audio, thousands of people around the world have learned these spiritual techniques.

Church of Divine Man

Our purpose is to teach and to serve spiritual evolvement through our faith and practice. We are dedicated to providing the opportunity, for anyone who wishes, to follow this spiritual way.

We believe in Cosmic Consciousness which encompasses all realities, and in the Christ Force which enables us to experience this Consciousness within ourselves. When we are attuned with the Christ Force, we can create in harmony with both spiritual and physical reality.

Spiritual freedom makes all things possible. As we create in this and other realities, we evolve through cycles of growth and change. As Spirit, we use the material world as a vehicle to reunite our individual spark with the Cosmic.

Jesus asked, “For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?” We believe that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for a one-to-one contact between the Cosmic and the living soul.

Our practice is to consciously manifest ourselves as spirit within a body. We do this by turning within each day to communicate with the God of our Heart, and to cleanse and to own our energy system. In this way, we maintain our neutrality and amusement.

As we create our reality within our personal space and use our spiritual abilities, we teach and heal ourselves and others.

CDM Spiritual Center offers a wealth of information and inspiration

Sample Our Techniques

“I am so grateful that I know my spiritual techniques. They have helped keep me sane in these times of great Earth changes.” – Shannon F.

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