Glossary of Terms

To clarify how words are used at CDM and, in many cases, what their deeper meaning is, we’ve put together a glossary of terms to help clarify and eliminate confusion.

amusement Light, bright energy, similar to forgiveness.
aura Energy field which indicates the present state of being.
center of head Place in your body where you, the spirit, can be neutral.
chakra Energy centers that contain your spiritual information.
clairaudience Clear hearing. 5th chakra ability.
clairsentience Clear feeling. 2nd chakra ability.
clairvoyance Clear seeing, spiritual sight. 6th chakra ability.
cosmic energy Infinite flow of energy from the cosmic consciousness.
creating and letting go Spiritual creativity.
divine spark You, the spirit.
earth energy The energy of the planet.
energy Everything is energy: some visible, some unseen.
enlightenment Knowing yourself.
enthusiasm A high vibration.
entities & beings Spirit operating outside of a physical body.
faith Believing in the unseen, unknown.
foreign energy Energy that is not yours.
forgiveness A way of letting go.
free will Spiritual freedom.
God Creator of all things, All That Is, Cosmic Consciousness.
gold energy Cosmic energy, neutral vibration.
grounding Spiritual connection between you, your body and the earth.
growth period Physical changes in response to spiritual growth.
healer Someone who facilitates change.
healing Change.
inner voice Your spiritual communication with yourself, spirit and body.
knowingness The ability to be still and know.
kundalini energy Spiritual energy meant to transform physical creations to a higher vibration.
life force energy Your vitality.
light within You, the spirit.
love High vibration associated with God.
male/female energy Similar to yin/yang. Present in all bodies, regardless of gender.
meditation Quieting the physical system and focusing on the spiritual.
mental image pictures System for storing memories.
miracles Fast healings.
mock-up A technique for consciously creating reality.
neutrality Clear sight, clairvoyance. Non-judgment.
non-effort The spiritual way of creating.
non-resistance Allowing to pass through.
out-of-body Spirit creating outside of physical body.
out-of-body beings Spirit creating without a physical body.
past life Previous spiritual life experience.
perfect pictures Lies about how life is supposed to be, opposite of reality.
positive/negative Dichotomy for spiritual creativity.
pragmatic intuition Fifth chakra ability – intuition dealing with practical information.
precognition Ability related to sixth and seventh chakras – knowing the future.
present time Being in the here and now, focusing in the present moment, body’s reality.
psychic abilities Spiritual abilities all possess. Of the spirit.
psychic readings Spiritual view of one’s creations
reincarnation Being born into different bodies and lifetimes.
releasing energy Letting go of unwanted vibrations.
rose symbol Represents the opening of the individual soul to God. Symbol like lotus.
space Necessary for all living things.
spirit Spark of the Divine Force.
spirit guides Spirit outside of physical body.
telekinesis Ability to move objects spiritually. Related to healing energy.
telepathy Spiritual, non-verbal communication. 5th chakra ability.
validation To acknowledge.
vibration Energy.

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