Clairvoyance I & II Class Series

Everyone is clairvoyant. Unleash your power to “see” spiritually!

Everyone has spiritual sight and can use this talent to make decisions, to heal, to create, and focus in neutral. Discover the freedom and joy of seeing yourself, your power, and your beauty.
– Clairvoyance: Key to Spiritual Sight

Clairvoyance I Class

Learn to see yourself clearly

Clairvoyance means clear seeing and relates to the sixth chakra. You are spirit and have the ability to open and use the talent of clairvoyance, which enables you to see new dimensions in your life. Broaden your world with a neutral, spiritual perspective.
Prerequisite: Meditation I

“The Clairvoyance Class helped me stop judging myself and others and start to see life as a series of personal lessons and creations.  Life is a lot more fun with a spiritual perspective!” Karlene P.

You are spirit and you are clairvoyant. Learn 15 techniques to help you open and use your sixth chakra to gain a non-judgmental perspective of your life. Some of the techniques presented are:

  • Owning and cleansing your sixth chakra
  • Centering on the pineal
  • Spirit and body differences
  • How to translate what you see
  • Certainty
  • How to tell a truth from a lie
  • Self-Validation
  • Effort and expectations block clear-seeing
  • Learn to read yourself and see the bright light that is you!

Clairvoyance I Class Schedule

Live Online Classes via Cisco WebEx
4-Week Series     $200 donation

“I am so grateful that I know these spiritual techniques. They have helped keep me sane during these times of great change.”
– Shannon F.

Clairvoyance II Class

See what is, enhance your neutrality, and allow more amusement in your work and play

You are spirit and can see yourself and your world from a neutral perspective. Enhance your neutrality with yourself and others by learning new techniques to clairvoyantly ‘read’ your unique aura and energy system.
Prerequisite: Meditation I and Clairvoyance I

This class builds on the foundation of Clairvoyance I Class and focuses on the fundamentals of spiritual sight. The 14 techniques presented will help you gain certainty in your ability to read yourself and others. They include:

  • Reading your aura
  • Color meditation
  • Body awareness enhances clairvoyance
  • Clairvoyance and Healing
  • Neutrality
  • Forgiveness
  • Owning your space

Clairvoyance II Class Schedule

Live Online Classes via Cisco WebEx
4-Week Series     $200 donation

  • September 12,19, 26 and October 3
  • Sundays, 1:00-3:30pm PT
  • Register Online

Space is limited. Register today to reserve your spot.

We are a membership organization, and your membership adds strength to the organization. We practice meditation in every aspect of our spiritual community. So, completion of the Meditation I Class is a prerequisite to apply for membership. Sign up for class today so that you are eligible for membership and can enjoy the many benefits it provides.

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