Clairvoyance: Key to Spiritual Perspective

Audio Instruction and Meditation

Clairvoyance is a spiritual ability that everyone has

Learn to use your clairvoyance to see yourself and the world clearly. Clairvoyance or “clear seeing” is often referred to as ‘intuition’ or ‘business sense.’ This innate gift can be used to make decisions, to heal, to tell a truth from a lie, and more.

Written and recorded by Mary Ellen Flora

You can use this MP3 daily to help you activate this spiritual gift. Discover how to know and heal yourself by seeing clearly.

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These audio presentations contain different content than the books by the same name. Each audio contains 30 minutes of instruction on techniques, and 30 minutes of guided meditation. Each audio is unique according to the topic.


“Flora defines clairvoyance (literally “clear seeing”) as spiritual sight, a faculty inherent in every person. Accordingly, she provides techniques and guided meditations to help you activate and to use your clairvoyance…By using these techniques, says Flora, you can see auras and and other spiritual phenomena.”
NAPRA Trade Journal, Eastsound, WA

“The information is taught with amusement and enthusiasm, and is presented for both the novice and the adept.”
Mind Mint Distributors, Queensland, Australia


Learn five spiritual techniques to help you safely open your clairvoyance, develop non-judgment and consciously create your life. Then use the techniques you learned as you are guided through a meditation. You will learn how to master your clairvoyance, awaken as spirit, and cleanse and own your spiritual system.