Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening

Audio Instruction and Meditation

Meditation on your chakras is a journey into yourself.

Understand yourself and others better by opening your chakra system. Using spiritual techniques to cleanse and own your chakras allows you, the spirit, to shine through your body. Learn how to utilize the power and information that you have in your spiritual system.

Written and recorded by Mary Ellen Flora

Discover yourself as spirit. Open the seal of your chakras to find your talents, information, strengths, weaknesses, and life purpose. Unseal your power and create your life spiritually.” Mary Ellen Flora

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These audio presentations contain different content than the books by the same name. Each audio contains 30 minutes of instruction on techniques, and 30 minutes of guided meditation. Each audio is unique according to the topic.


“The Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening audio is a clear and down-to-earth guided meditation on the basics of one’s own chakra system. It guides the practitioner through an introduction to the seven main chakras with detailed instructions on how to access one’s spiritual information for self-knowledge and self-healing. After teaching spiritual techniques one at a time, there is a guided meditation that combines the techniques together for a self-healing practice. Flora presents the information with clarity and amusement. Highly recommended.”
David Radetich


This recording guides you through seven powerful techniques you can use to access the insight and wisdom in your chakras. Using these techniques assists you to have more conscious control of your body, chakras, your personal space and your life.

Use this audio to discover what is within you, what you need to let go of, what your purpose is, and how to complete your goals.