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Your body is your vessel. Journey through CDM Spiritual Center and discover Meditation Instruction, spiritually focused Blog Posts, information about Self-Healing, Clairvoyance, Chakras, Auras, Kundalini and a wealth of spiritual information.

CDM Spiritual Center offers a safe, neutral place to re-discover your spiritual nature. This spiritual path offers a way to understand and balance your spirit-body duality. We emphasize present time and amusement.

In Everett, WA, USA, we offer Psychic Readings in person and long-distance, classes in Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyance, Kundalini and more. CDM Spiritual Center has a spiritually focused community which uses the spiritual techniques we teach to enhance life and support the sharing of this spiritual path. Discover more about us and re-discover the joy of knowing that you are spirit.

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Spiritually Focused Blog

“From Machu Picchu to Kilimanjaro:
A Spiritual Journey” (Part One)

“The Mysteries of Meditation Revealed”

“Grounding – The Most Important Tool
You Can Use”

“Stressed Out? Meditation to the Rescue!”

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What people say about us..
I learned to meditate and heal myself through the information on I suffered from anxiety for many years and have finally found something that helps me let go of the fear. It’s amazing how helpful this website has been for me and my wellbeing. Thank you!
Jerry D.

I found the Meditation book by Mary Ellen Flora through The tools I learned through that book have improved my quality of life and relationships immensely. I am having more fun, am more present with my family and friends, and stress out a lot less!
Kate S.

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