Kundalini I & II Class Series

Kundalini energy provides you with power and grace.

With Kundalini energy you release physical limits… Kundalini energy can help you to reach a spiritual state of peace and harmony.
– Kundalini Energy: The Flame of Life

Kundalini I Class

You can discover how to control and use this spiritualizing force to create your life. This powerful energy can help you awaken spiritually, heal without effort and experience your body’s emotions and characteristics from a neutral perspective. Consciously moving Kundalini energy up through the channel in your spine can change your life with its high vibration of vitality.
Prerequisite: Meditation I and Healing I Classes

Discover how your Kundalini energy works: how to turn it on and off, how to gently move it up through the primary channel in your spine, and how to control its flow. Learn 15 techniques to help you use this powerful energy in your meditations, self-healing and daily life. Some of the topics presented are:

  1. Heal your body and relationship with it with Kundalini energy
  2. Using Kundalini energy to raise your vibration
  3. Kundalini energy and your relationships with others
  4. Kundalini energy is a form of power
  5. Using Kundalini to deal with emotions
  6. Kundalini energy is a cleanser

Kundalini, The Transformer – Enjoy an excerpt from Kundalini: The Flame of Life.

Kundalini I Class Schedule

Live Online Classes via Cisco WebEx
4-Week Series     $250 donation

“CDM has helped me clear blocks to loving myself and helped me give to myself more. My first child died in 1984, and CDM has been invaluable with helping me process that loss. It also has helped me better enjoy the many blessings I have.” – Phoebe B.

Kundalini II Class

Transform your life with Kundalini energy. Learn to run Kundalini energy through your secondary channels adding to the power of this healing vibration. Enhance your use and control of this spiritualizing energy in your life and creativity.
Prerequisite: Meditation I, Healing I and Kundalini I

This class builds on the foundation of Kundalini I Class. Learn 12 new techniques to enhance your healing with Kundalini energy.

  • Healing with Kundalini energy
  • Cleansing the body of lower vibrations
  • Using Kundalini for spiritual communication
  • Healing the spiritual channels in your head
  • Differences between Kundalini energy and other spiritual energies
  • Kundalini energy and spiritual development

Kundalini II Class Schedule

Live Online Classes via Cisco WebEx
4-Week Series     $250 donation

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We are a membership organization, and your membership adds strength to the organization. We practice meditation in every aspect of our spiritual community. So, completion of the Meditation I Class is a prerequisite to apply for membership. Sign up for class today so that you are eligible for membership and can enjoy the many benefits it provides.

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