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For those who love to live life to the fullest, this book is essential. Learn to energize and revitalize yourself through the use of kundalini energy. It can be used to enhance your strengths and transform your weaknesses.

“Kundalini is a life-force of spirit…Kundalini energy is a powerful energy that transforms the body to a higher vibration.”

Written by Mary Ellen Flora
Hardcover Book
Book IV of the Energy Series

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Kundalini Energy: The Flame of Life
Written by Mary Ellen Flora

Flora provides clear, down-to-earth information that dispels the myths and misinformation surrounding this energy and makes it simple to understand and use.

“Kundalini energy is often misunderstood, misinterpreted, and misused. In this, her fourth book in the Energy Series, author Mary Ellen Flora provides clear, down-to-earth information that dispels the myths and misinformation surrounding kundalini. Flora incorporates her 23 years as a spiritual teacher and her experiences from her own spiritual journey, sharing real-life anecdotes and the human experiences of uniting spirit and body through the use of kundalini meditation.

Through her open discussion of kundalini energy – the challenges and ecstasies of healing yourself and the world around you – Flora opens up the use of this life-force energy to everyone who wants to raise their vibration and tune into their spiritual nature. Kundalini energy is a way back to an aware state, transforming all your experiences from the limited physical perspective of life to the revelation that you are spirit and a part of the Cosmic Whole.

Flora believes that we are all meant to be fully awake and alive, both spiritually and physically. To that end, she provides clear instructions on how to turn kundalini energy on and off, how to recognize when your kundalini energy is flowing, the effect if has on your body and chakras, and how to be conscious of and in control of your kundalini energy. She also advocates the use of meditation as a foundation to prepare for and assist with the use of kundalini as we awaken to ourselves and our creativity.

‘With kundalini energy, you release physical limits. You move above the hold of time and experience a spiritual timelessness. You experience your immortality, spiritual sight, and power. You tune into your ability to know and communicate with all things. Kundalini energy can help you to reach a spiritual state of peace and harmony.’ -Kundalini: The Flame of Life

Through her warmth, amusement and guidance, Flora extends an open invitation to joys of spiritual awakening.”
-Diane Brewster

Kundalini Energy will:

•Demystify information about kundalini
•Help you understand the nature of kundalini
•Introduce spiritual techniques that will enable you to turn on your kundalini energy safely
•Explain the relationship of sexuality and kundalini energies

Kundalini Energy will teach you about:

•Healing physical problems
•Physical responses to kundalini energy
•Running kundalini energy
•Bringing the body to an awakened state
•Spiritual perspective and creativity
•Grounding and clairvoyance

Table of Contents:
1.Kundalini, The Transformer
Spirit is Simple
The Ecstasy of Spiritual Experience
2.Kundalini and the Human Body
Physical Responses to Kundalini Energy
Sexuality and Kundalini Energy
Bringing the Body to an Awakened State
3.Healing Physical Problems
Pain, Fear, Death and Other Body Games
Regaining a Spiritual Perspective
4.Kundalini and Planet Earth
5.Spiritualizing Our Physical Creations
Grounding: The Foundation
Kundalini Energy and Clairvoyance
Spiritual Perspective and Creativity
Manipulating Energies to Meditate
Running Kundalini Energy
6.Creating in an Awakened State of Consciousness

Customer Reviews:

“I have been facinated by kundalini energy for years. Before reading this book, everything I had read was limited to a paragraph or a page here and there buried in other work. It was a thrill to read a book fully dedicated to kundalini. I have read the book twice cover-to-cover and have also taken the course on it offered by CDM. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is wanting to obtain a comprehensive understanding of kundalini energy as well as learn how to incorporate it into their life.” -MC

“This book spoke to me like no other. There was something directed at me personally in every chapter. After finishing the book I started using Kundalini Energy in my daily meditations and it has opened up many healing opportunities. I highly recommend this book.” -Gerry

Product Details:
Hardcover: 197 pages
Publisher: CDM Publications, 1998
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1886983070
ISBN-13: 978-1886983076
Series: The Energy Series, 4