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Cosmic energy is the unlimited energy available to all of us from the spiritual realm. You can use it to heal a wound, to energize your body, to nurture a child or to create a business. This book provides simple instruction so that you can consciously use this powerful force in your everyday life. Every reader will walk away with life-changing information.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora
Soft Cover Book
Book I of the Energy Series

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Cosmic Energy: The Creative Power
Written by Mary Ellen Flora

“We are here on Earth to learn to create with God’s energy. We are like children who have been given a school in which to learn the creative principles of the Cosmos.

Cosmic energy is the infinite variety of vibrations of the Cosmos. It can be experienced in many ways such as light, sound and color. Cosmic energy is the spiritual force with which we create matter and form our physical reality. Cosmic energy is the spiritual force of which we are made and with which we create, as spirit.

It is time for spirit to awaken in this reality and to begin to create consciously.”

Table of Contents:
•Cosmic Energy
•All Energy is Connected
•Energy of the Teachers and Messengers
•Christforce Energy
•Godforce Energy
•Unique Personal Vibration
•Healing and Creative Energies
•Spiritual Techniques
Centering in Your Head
Creating & Destroying as Spirit
Running Energy: Earth and Cosmic
Color Meditation
Your Aura: Your Creative Space
Mock-Ups: Your Cosmic Creativity

Product Details:
Paperback: 113 pages
Publisher: CDM Publications, 1995
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1886983003
ISBN-13: 978-1886983007
Series: The Energy Series, 1