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People tell us that they listen to a Guided Meditation daily because it clears their minds, teaches them more about themselves, and puts them in a more positive, energetic mood. They are easily drawn to one audio that speaks to what is going on in their lives – a challenge perhaps, a question that’s on their minds, or a decision they are considering. We invite you to do the same.

These live, non-scripted, guided meditations are presented by author Mary Ellen Flora from her years of experience and personal use of the techniques that she teaches.

The meditations are approximately thirty minutes long and include the techniques of grounding, centering, and using gold energy to help you focus in the present moment on the topic presented. The meditations also include references to God, or the Cosmic Consciousness, and many spiritual teachers such as Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Muhammad, Lao Tzu and more.

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There is a teaching element to every Guided Meditation to inform you and assist you to open your spiritual awareness. You are welcome to pause the recording at any time to meditate more on the particular topic presented or write in your journal.

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The minimum suggested donation is $10.00 per meditation. Please give as you are able.

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Each MP3 offered in the store teaches meditation techniques that are beneficial in helping you learn the techniques that Mary Ellen discusses.

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“I find so much new thinking and inspiration in each guided meditation.
They lift my mood each time.” – Janette

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