Advanced Training

CDM Spiritual Center offers several advanced programs of study for the student who wishes to move beyond the Level I & II classes. Each level helps the initiate along his/her spiritual path of increased awareness.

Spiritual Life Program

The Spiritual Life Program offers classes focused on specific aspects of human creativity. We are strongly affected by our gender and relationships, thus we have specialty classes for Women, Men and Relationships. All Level l & II Classes are required before moving to the specialty classes.

These Classes focus on specific aspects of physical creativity to bring a spiritual awareness to your life. Gain a spiritual perspective of your gender and your relationships.

CDM Seminary

The Seminary is an intensive program offering spiritual information for those seeking a greater spiritual perspective of life and a deeper understanding of self as well as training to assist others. After Second Year Seminary students are ordained as a Minister and able to perform marriages, funerals, baptisms and spiritual counseling.

First Year

482638_586052631427428_51466818_n1-300x204First year focuses on knowing yourself which is step one on any spiritual path. It also emphasizes the development of your clairvoyance, neutrality and spiritual perspective in relation to yourself and others. Some of the subjects are: Aura reading, accessing the Akashic Records, use of gold energy, techniques to own and maintain your space, direct communication with the God of Your Heart, validation, certainty, astral body and chakra control. Upon completion, graduates are eligible to apply for the Second year of Seminary. This program can be used for personal as well as professional development.

Prerequisites: Level I & II Classes.

Second Year

Second year focuses on using your self knowledge and spiritual techniques to interact with others. Learn to perform weddings, baptisms, christenings, funerals, and use the techniques to have a psychic view of the Bible. You will learn advanced information to help you own your personal space including new levels of Kundalini energy awareness, controlling energies to create a safe space, out of body experience and other ancient mysteries. Upon completion of the second year, graduates will be ordained as a CDM Minister and will be eligible for CDM Graduate Training programs, CDM employment or to go into the world to practice as a minister.

Prerequisite: First Year Seminary.

Graduate Training

Teacher Training

This year is focused on teaching others what you have learned. You will learn to teach the Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyance and Kundalini Classes. Other topics emphasized are seniority, spiritual evolvement, and using Kundalini Energy to heal yourself as a teacher.

Upon completion of Teacher Training, you will be eligible to teach the Level I & II classes.

Prerequisite: Ordination.

Spiritual Life Program Teacher Training

This training offers instruction for those who wish to teach the Spiritual Life Program classes.

Prerequisite: Teacher Training

Lead Minister Training

This Training is focused on leadership, supervision skills, and counseling others on a spiritual level.

Upon completion of the Lead Minister Training, graduates may be appointed CDM Lead Ministers of a program or location.

Prerequisite: Teacher Training.


Continuing Education – Alumni Program

We offer retreats, workshops, and gatherings for Ministers only. Alumni are also welcome to be guests in classes they have previously attended.

For more information or if you have questions about the Seminary program or other Advanced Training, please call us at (425) 258-1449.

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Retreats for CDM Ministers & First Year Seminary Graduates
Heal yourself in a small group setting.  Walk to parks and view Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier.
Retreats include concentrated meditation on the topic, question and answer time, readings, healings and free time for relaxation.  We use our meditation techniques and advanced tools such as Kundalini, working with power rings, clairvoyance, clairaudience, apparatus in the head and chakra control.
Topics include:
Spiritual Power
Working with Angels
Relationships: Your Mirror


“A day of healing, enthusiasm, change and growth … such a blessing to have in our corner of the planet.” – John H.


“I learned more about myself as a healer. I’m letting go of a lot that was in the way of healing myself. This was an awesome retreat!  The food was great and the setting was beautiful as well.” – Marion B.

DSCN0403“What a momentous, healing day! I so enjoyed turning my attention to healing myself.  I got more real about where I am and what I want. What a gift!” – Rosie L.