Rediscover yourself the spirit and your unique purpose! The CDM Spiritual Center is a safe place to validate what you know, own your power, and consciously create your life.

Class Series I

  • Meditation I
    Everyone can improve their life with meditation. Learn powerful, easy to use techniques for quiet periods of meditation as well as for use at work and at play. Benefits include: spiritual awakening, relaxing the body, communication, reduced stress, inner peace and more fun!
  • Healing I
    Everyone has the ability to heal. Rediscover your power to create change by consciously using your healing energy. Join other healers to practice spiritual healing techniques and enhance your healing focus.
    Prerequisite: Meditation I Class
  • Clairvoyance I
    Learn to see yourself clearly. Everyone has spiritual sight and can use this talent to make decisions, to heal, to create, and be in neutral. Discover the freedom and joy of seeing yourself, your power and beauty.
    Prerequisite: Meditation I Class
  • Kundalini I
    Kundalini energy provides you with power and grace. Discover how to control and use this spiritualizing force to create your life. This powerful energy can help you awaken spiritually, heal without effort, and experience your body’s emotions from a neutral perspective.
    Prerequisites: Meditation I and Healing I Classes

Class Series II

  • Meditation II
    Take your meditation to the next level! Expand upon the ancient spiritual mysteries that you learned in Meditation I Class and enhance your inner focus. The techniques presented will help you gain a stronger spiritual perspective of yourself, your body, and your surroundings and be more in charge of your spiritual system.
    Prerequisite: Meditation I Class
  • Healing II
    Enhance your healing focus! Practice healing yourself as you learn to give Long Distance Healings, Sick-Bed Healings, and own your space as a healer. Increase your healing energy and self-focus as you learn new techniques to assist others.
    Prerequisites: Meditation I and Healing I Classes
  • Clairvoyance II
    You are spirit and can see yourself and your world from a neutral perspective. Enhance your neutrality with yourself and others by learning new techniques to clairvoyantly ‘read’ your unique aura and energy system.
    Prerequisites: Meditation I, Healing I and Clairvoyance I Classes
  • Kundalini II
    Transform your life with Kundalini energy. Learn to run Kundalini energy through your secondary channels adding to the power of this healing vibration. Enhance your use and control of this spiritualizing energy in your life and creativity.
    Prerequisites: Meditation I, Healing I and Kundalini I Classes

Advanced Training Program

The Advanced Program focuses on development of your spiritual abilities including clairvoyance and healing. Reading clairvoyantly helps you to deal with your life from a neutral, spiritual perspective. The spiritual techniques enable you to spiritually see your energy and information so that you can be in charge of your creativity.

You also learn spiritual techniques to focus your attention within, to clear energies and beliefs you do not want, to enhance your spiritual abilities, and to communicate with God.

Rediscover Yourself The Spirit

rediscover yourself the spirit

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Through meditation, you can take conscious control of your reality and enhance your communication with all things … The enhancement of your spiritual communication through meditation can bring peace and joy into your life.”
Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening


Learn to give an Aura Healing in our
Healing I Class!
Activate your healing energy.
Cleanse chakras and auras.
Work with healing guides.
Develop neutrality and grounding.
Change your life and your world!