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Meditation for All

Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Everyone can meditate! All you need is your attention, your body and time to be quiet.

We use the Egyptian posture for meditation because it allows all seven major chakras to open and develop. This posture does not require physical development because you sit in a straight backed chair to meditate.

You are spirit, a bright spark of the Cosmic Whole. Your body is your vessel in the physical world. You, the spirit, are the creator of your life. You use your body and associated energy system to create in the material world. Meditation helps bring spirit and body together to enhance your spiritual creativity in the material world.

Your body needs your spiritual attention in order for you to use it effectively. Your body needs a quiet, comfortable place so it can feel safe for you to turn within and consciously awaken as spirit. Meditation puts both you and your body into a state of being which is focused inward to your spiritual awareness.

Meditation Instruction

Welcome to our Online Instruction! Enjoy the meditation instructions below. Use these at your leisure to enhance your meditations and assist you on your spiritual journey. You will also find inspiration and information in our spiritually focused Blog Posts and in our books and audio offerings in the CDM Spiritual Center store.

You can use some of the meditation techniques in daily life but a complete focus on meditation requires your spiritual and physical attention. Please do not meditate while doing physical tasks that require your attention such as driving a car or operating equipment. Meditation requires your attention and involves your body, so you cannot effectively perform complex physical tasks while meditating. Create a quiet place and time to meditate and you will be rewarded.

This written instruction focuses on the fundamentals of meditation. Enjoy this series of classes to assist you on your spiritual journey:

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“The spiritual techniques taught at CDM are so simple but powerful. I was able to change my beliefs about money and relationships which helped me buy a house and meet the man of my dreams.” — Chelsey S.

Ancient principles for today’s world

Although life has changed over the centuries, the body-spirit connection has not.

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– Mary Ellen Flora, author and teacher

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