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Everyone is spirit, both humans and angels. Learn the characteristics that humans share with angels and how to enhance these qualities in yourself. Begin or increase your communication with angels by raising your vibration with your spiritual abilities.

“Angels work for God, not for humans, and often bring information that humans struggle with until they see the larger, spiritual picture. Angels can be full of surprises.”

Written by Mary Ellen Flora

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Angels Don’t Need Wings
Written By Mary Ellen Flora

Gain a new perspective of angels. Open your consciousness to the spiritual view provided by communication with angels. Learn more about human and angel similarities and differences, while discovering a new view of humans, angels, and devils. Personal stories bring to life interactions with angels and the impact they have in people’s lives. Join an adventure of discovery, awakening, and joy.

You can talk with angels at any time and place. Learn how to begin or increase your interactions with angels by using the spiritual techniques shared in “Angels Don’t Need Wings.” Awaken to your spiritual nature to help you befriend angels in this time of rapid change. Flora provides information and inspiration to help you open your awareness and increase your spiritual communication.

Enjoy the encouragement from the personal stories and learn to connect with angels to help you in every aspect of your life. Many human experiences such as joy, amusement, sadness, fear, danger, and various other human experiences are described in the personal angel stories. Manifest in your life what Flora teaches about angels. As Flora says “Angels are wonderful. They help us create miracles in our lives.”

Table of Contents
2.Introduction to Angels
3.Myths about Angels
4.Stories about Angels
5.Angels, Humans and Devils
6.Angel Organization
7.Angels and Our Changing World
8.Talking and Working with Angels

“Angels and humans have many things in common because both are spirit and a part of the Cosmic Consciousness. Both have the ability to manifest in a physical body, an astral body or no body at all since both angels and humans are pure spirit. Bodies are only vehicles for spirit, whether an angel or a human. Angels and humans both have many spiritual talents such as, clairvoyance, healing, telepathy and other spiritual abilities. These similarities are characteristics of all spirit. While humans are mostly unaware of these qualities, angels are fully aware of these spiritual talents and use them to serve God. These similarities can help angels and humans communicate and work together, even if humans are not completely conscious of their spiritual nature or of the existence of angels.”

Customer Review:

“I became aware of my angel guides more than a decade ago, and talk with them frequently. However, I often don’t hear their communication with me. This book helped me open a new relationship with them in which I not only hear their advice but share daily experiences with them. This book opened up an awareness with angels I had never had before.” -Gerry, Spokane, WA

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Publisher: CDM Publications, 2010
ISBN-13: 978-1-886983-23-6
Language: English
Edition: 1st
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