Earth Energy: The Spiritual Frontier

Book 2 in The Energy Series

The Earth is a topic of concern for everyone these days. This powerful book studies the changes occurring on Earth from a spiritual perspective. It gives new insight into how we can all assist with the health of our planet and ourselves.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora

“Planet Earth is a spiritual frontier where we as spirit can create, learn and grow. Earth is the newest learning frontier for spirit and the most exciting. Here on Earth, we have everything that is available throughout the universe.”

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“There are very few books more interesting or important to read now than Earth Energy by Mary Ellen Flora, that is, if you are interested in both spirit and body. Learn about taking care of your own body as well as being conscious of the planet as your larger body. Learn about devils and angels, in a spiritual sense of the words. Learn about the major stages of life we go through. With the Earth going through such rapid change, now is the time to get a spiritual perspective of our planet. Essential and eye-opening.”

“This is a fantastic book that helps you understand the experience of being spirit, in a body, on planet Earth. It gives great insights into the human experience and the importance of the many different stages that we all go through in life. Helpful meditation techniques are taught at the end of the book that can be used in daily life to enhance your spiritual perspective of yourself and of life on Earth. I highly recommend this book.”
Mark Petersen


Every facet of planet Earth is changing. This informative and practical book will help you understand those changes from a spiritual perspective. You are a spiritual being and can experience and manipulate the energies of the Earth. You can be in control of every aspect of your life.

The author also reveals seven spiritual rites of passage that we go through here on Earth, from conception to death. Each stage is explained as significant in our development and that of the planet, both physically and spiritually.

A few of the topics presented are:

  • The energy of the Earth and your personal relationship with it.
  • The energies of your physical body and of your lighter, astral body.
  • Telepathy, clairaudience, and other forms of communication.
  • Communication with angels and controlling the devils within.
  • How the changes occurring around and within you are affected by earth energy.