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Chakras key to spiritual opening the 'book of you' by discovering your chakras! Chakras are your spiritual energy and information centers and are a key component to your creativity because they contain the answers to your questions.

Your chakras affect everything you do. Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening provides definition, inspiration, and instruction. You discover the purpose and location of the seven major chakras and how to access, cleanse, and use the wealth of information in each chakra.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora – #1 Selling Book
3rd Edition
4th book of the Key Series

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Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening
Written by Mary Ellen Flora

This is the definitive book on chakras! “Chakras” is a clear, concise guide for human awakening occurring on planet Earth. Flora presents ancient spiritual information in an easy comprehensible form, which can be used both to begin your spiritual opening and to continue your journey.

Some simple spiritual techniques presented in this book include:
•Grounding and Releasing Energy
•Center of Your Head
•The Aura
•Present Time
•Learn about the First through the Seventh Chakras
•And much more

“By opening and using the chakras, you can become senior to your body to use it for your spiritual purpose. As you ‘open the seal’ of each chakra, you discover what you need to let go of, how to complete your goals, and what your purpose is in life.”

Customer Reviews:

“This book is amazing. It provides practical information on the chakras that is easy to understand and put to use through the meditation techniques provided. Each time I read it I uncover a new secret about the chakra system and gain a deeper understanding of myself and my life. There are some books that stay with you for a lifetime and can be dipped into again and again and for me this is one of them. I recommend this book to anyone on a spiritual path who is seeking greater clarity about themselves or for spiritual seekers confused by the variety of beliefs about the chakra system presented elsewhere.” -Lesley Phillips, March 2012, Author of The Midas Tree

“Mary Ellen Flora is a spiritual teacher, healer, and clairvoyant reader who brings her remarkable insights on spirituality, daily meditation, and the Chakras to her introduction to how the chakras affect everything we do. She reveals just what the chakras are and how we can access the information in them to benefit our lives. The text comprising Chakras: Key to Spiritual Opening is clear, concise, and offers techniques to open our chakras, creating the life we truly desire — and a welcome addition to students of metaphysics and spirituality.”
-Midwest Book Review, Oregon, WI

Product Info:
Publisher: CDM Publications, 2012
ISBN-13: 978-1-886983-24-3
Language: English
Edition: 3rd
Series: The Key Series, 4
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