Male and Female Energies: The Balancing Act

Book 3 in The Energy Series

Are you confused about some of your relationships? Let this book give you a whole new perspective on love, sex, soul mates, body types and relationships. With humor and directness, the author explores the age-old quandary of male and female, offering helpful hints about how to balance and improve any type of relationship. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to enhance relationships with others as well as life in general.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora

“Since the properties of male and female are in all things, we can use these opposites to help us create our experience on Earth.” Mary Ellen Flora

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“I recently re-read the Male and Female Energies Book. I was astounded. The information was mind-blowing. I couldn’t put the book down. I want to share some quotes I found awesome: ‘Male and female energies exist in everything in nature…Whether the positive and negative poles are in animal, mineral, vegetable or chemical form, they make creation possible.”
Benni Harpere

“My husband committed suicide several months before I started reading this book again recently. It was such a relief to explore and accept many of the gender concepts and behaviors that were part of our 45-year relationship. I learned more about balance, neutrality and focusing my attention in the present – especially in relation to anger, guilt, responsibility and forgiveness. As I continue to process his passing, the information and spiritual techniques presented are vital to my everyday life in moving through the many emotions, decisions, tasks and events in my newly widowed life.”
Rosie Leach


Male and female energies are vibrations that exist in everything. They exist in every body type, whether of the male or female gender, and can be used to create and communicate. Learn to balance, adjust, and master the use of these vibrations in order to balance within your body as well as balance within your relationships with others.

Male and Female Energies will teach you about:

  • The spiritual purpose of male and female energies and how they relate to your creativity.
  • How female and male relationships can help to balance your energies within.
  • Creating the space to grow and heal.
  • How consciously balancing your energies can help you take charge of your creativity.

Several of the topics presented are:

  • The Spiritual Purpose of Male and Female Energies
  • Male and Female Bodies: Characteristics for Growth
  • Female and Male Relationships
  • Communication and Female and Male Energies

Spiritual Techniques including:

  • Using female and male energies
  • Balancing Energies