Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening

Book 1 in The Key Series

Take charge of your life through meditation and receive the amazing benefits of spiritual awakening. Join Mary Ellen Flora on this journey within to self-discovery.

Learn to turn within and know yourself, the spirit. Balance your life by awakening to your spiritual nature and respecting your physical characteristics. Learn six specific meditation techniques including grounding, centering, and the conscious movement of your energies.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora

“Meditation is the cornerstone of spiritual awakening; it is a time of listening to one’s spiritual information. Meditation is the quieting of the mind-body system and an opening of the spiritual system. As you turn within during meditation, you learn to see yourself as the one who decides your fate.”

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“This book has encouraged me to resume my meditation practice with a sense of security, comfort and unconditional love.” New Connexion, Pacific Northwest’s Journal of Conscious Living.
Review by Kimberly A. Bennett

“Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening is written for those seeking validation of their spiritual abilities and the ways and means to tap into them. It provides a roadmap for the healer who wishes to change self and world; for the opening of the spiritual system and communication with spiritual guidance… it’s packed with information, insight and encouragement for all travelers on the journey within.”
Northwest Literature, Bellingham, WA

“Flora provides instruction, insight and encouragement with gems of wisdom throughout the book gleaned from her own experience and spiritual perspective.”
Common Ground of Puget Sound, Seattle, WA


Receive the gift of six ancient spiritual mysteries to help you turn within and identify yourself, the spirit. Use these ancient meditation techniques to discover your beauty, power, and talents. Learn to know your spiritual nature and abilities and how to access your spiritual information.

Meditation is a wonderful journey filled with surprises. When you use the meditation techniques to turn within, you connect with aspects of yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness you may not presently know exist.

Meditation is amazingly healing. Heal yourself spiritually and physically by learning to balance your spirit and body duality. Experience your spiritual nature and grow to respect your body and its physical characteristics.

A few of the topics presented are:

  • Six Meditation Techniques
    • Grounding
    • Center of Your Head
    • Corner of The Room
    • Creating & Destroying
    • Running Energy
    • The Aura
  • Guided Meditation Exercise
  • Ask and You Shall Receive
  • Seek and You Shall Find