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Learn to turn within and know yourself! Balance your life by awakening to your spiritual nature and respecting your physical characteristics. Learn grounding, centering, and conscious movement of your energies.

Written by Mary Ellen Flora
2nd Edition Soft Cover Book

Book I in the Key Series

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Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening
Written by Mary Ellen Flora

Meditation is magic! Receive the gift of five of the ancient spiritual mysteries to help you turn within and identify yourself as spirit. Learn to know your spiritual nature and abilities and how to access your spiritual information.

Meditation is a wonderful journey filled with surprises. When you use the spiritual techniques to turn within, you connect with aspects of yourself and the Cosmic Consciousness you may not presently know exist. Take charge of your life through meditation and receive the amazing benefits of spiritual awakening. Join Mary Ellen Flora in this journey within and discover yourself.

Meditation is amazingly healing. Heal yourself spiritually and physically by learning to balance your spirit and body duality. Experience your spiritual nature and grow to respect your physical characteristics. Use the ancient spiritual techniques to discover your beauty, power, and talents.

Table of Contents

•Meditation Techniques
◦Center of Your Head
◦Corner of The Room
◦Spiritual Experience
◦Creating & Destroying
◦Running Energy
◦The Aura
•Guided Meditation
•Ask and You Shall Receive
◦Suggested Questions
•Meditating With Others
•Seek and You Shall Find

Customer Reviews

“Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening is written for those seeking validation of their spiritual abilities and the ways and means to tap into them. It provides a roadmap for the healer who wishes to change self and world; for the opening of the spiritual system and communication with spiritual guidance… it’s packed with information, insight and encouragement for all travelers on the journey within.

The book presents spiritual techniques… complete with exercises to help you experience and validate their effects. Mary Ellen leads into the techniques with an essay describing the purpose and goals of meditation. She provides useful insight into the effects of meditation on the individual, the distractions that pull the individual away from meditation, and how to overcome these distractions. There’s revelation in here for the novice and the adept: the kind of revelation that lends itself to repeated reading, like poetry, providing new insight at each return.” -Northwest Literature, Bellingham, WA

“Mary Ellen Flora is the co-founder of the Church of Divine Man and has taught meditation techniques for two decades. By her own account, the techniques provided in her book are simple and accessible. Meditation is a tool anyone can use to listen to his or her inner voice. Some persons refer to the guidance as God, angels, or guides. The important point stressed in the 96 pages of the book is the truth of our innate connection to God. We are all spirit. Ms. Flora offers this gentle reminder throughout to encourage her readers to accept that basic premise.

With the assistance of black and white illustrations, the basic techniques required to become a practitioner of this spiritual tool are provided. Ms. Flora begins with an explanation of meditation followed by the first technique in grounding; something I’ve noticed is absent in other works and meditation classes. Her advice is honest and sincere. She warns against taking this new way of relating to yourself, your spirit and your physical world lightly. “Many give up meditation practices after a short time, as they are disappointed by the results. They begin to experience all the disturbing or painful energies they have created and allowed in their reality, and stop meditating before they work through the difficulties.”

Central to the technique is the visualization of roses, focusing on them during creation and destruction exercises. These are valuable experiments with manifestation. I was comforted by the constant sense of safety throughout the text and this is from the point of view of an individual who had a disturbing and intrusive experience during my first attempt to center myself with meditation several years ago. I cannot think of anyone who could consider a rose threatening and it bolstered my resolve to keep my intention focused.

Extra support and reference is provided for beginners as well as long-term practitioners with the companion 63-minute cassette tape*. On Side One you are guided by the author’s voice through five spiritual techniques. Once you are comfortable feeling your energy systems, Side Two leads you through two practice meditations. Mary Ellen Flora’s voice is lilting and confident. She keeps her instructions for meditations, manifestation practices, and advice to the point and clearly understandable.

Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening has encouraged me to resume my meditation practice with a sense of security, comfort and unconditional love.”
-New Connexion, Pacific Northwest’s Journal of Conscious Living
— Review by Kimberly A. Bennett

Written by Mary Ellen Flora
2nd Edition Soft Cover Book
Book I in the Key Series
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