Healing: Key to Spiritual Balance

Audio Instruction and Meditation

Is there something in your life that you would like to change? Listen and learn practical techniques to assist in making desired change, whether you want to have more fun in life or are trying to heal a health issue.

Written and recorded by Mary Ellen Flora.

“When you heal yourself, you heal others at the same time since we are all one. Be kind to everyone including yourself, and you are healing the world.” Mary Ellen Flora

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These audio presentations contain different content than the books by the same name. Each audio contains 30 minutes of instruction on techniques, and 30 minutes of guided meditation. Each audio is unique according to the topic.


“These deceptively simple techniques are powerful tools. They have helped me to more fully realize that I am not just a body, and that I can focus on and through my body in a loving and healing manner. Life is more fun with these spiritual techniques!”
John Hanby


This audio recording guides you through seven spiritual techniques that can help you heal yourself, make your healing experience more enjoyable, and tune into your unique spiritual healing power. It includes two guided meditations incorporating the seven techniques. The exercises help you focus on healing your specific issues.

Use this audio to lead you within where you will find your spiritual information to heal yourself and be a healing presence in the world.