never aloneYou are eternal spirit, a spark of the Divine Force, and your physical body is your vessel on Earth. Bodies have emotions and spirit does not. Only the body can experience loneliness or any other emotion. When you meditate, you create communication between spirit and body and reassure your body that you are present and it is not alone.

Anytime you feel alone, you need to meditate in order to awaken your spiritual awareness. You are immortal spirit. Your body is your vessel and communicates with emotions such as feeling alone. When your body expresses loneliness to you, the spirit, it indicates that you have your attention somewhere besides with your body. Since you are the light and life of your body, you are always with it to some extent. However, you may put your attention elsewhere when your body needs you and it tells you it is lonely to gain more of your attention. Some part of you, the spirit, is always with your body so your body is never alone, simply in need of more of your attention.

You, the spirit, do not experience loneliness because you are aware of your connection with the Divine and you do not have emotions. Only the body has emotions. Unless you take charge of your body and its emotions, they can be manipulated by outside influences such as other people. Remember that a human baby body will not survive without care. So, if someone wants to control your body, they may try to make you believe you are alone, and the body will translate that to fear of death.

Basically, loneliness is a lie since you are ever-present spirit. Most people are given lonely concepts in an attempt to control them with fear. You may have been given these beliefs when you were a baby or child and adopted them as your own. Now you can be controlled if someone stimulates one of your lonely concepts because it frightens the body. In your meditations, you can release unwanted energies such as loneliness.

Yesterday, I encountered a homeless man who expressed how lonely he was. He said he was so lonely he wanted to die. I spent some time encouraging him and he cheered up, probably from the attention more than the information. This does show us how powerful loneliness can become and how important it is to communicate with yourself, the spirit, and to interact with other people.

We need to remember the many interactions we have available including our spirit/body communication, our interaction with angels, our communion with the Divine, and of course our interaction with other humans. Include all the other animals on Earth, and you will see there is no possibility to be alone!

By Mary Ellen Flora

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