hateWhen you realize that all who focus on hate are actually filled with fear, you gain a new perspective of human nature. Hate is a by-product of fear. You do not hate someone that you do not fear.

You are spirit and your body is your vessel. Human emotions are important for the body to communicate its circumstances to you, the spirit. When you become aware of your body’s emotional response of hate, you can ask what your body fears. When hate emerges for you, ask “What do I fear?” This changes your perspective to a more neutral view where you can clearly see what is happening.

Have you experienced believing that you hate something, for example snakes, and finally you realized you are afraid of them? When you accept your fear of snakes, you can begin to see the basis of your body’s response to them. Maybe someone used a snake to scare you as a child, and you did not outgrow the fear. You can meditate on the incident and rise above the fear, and possibly see the benefit and beauty of snakes. You can substitute the example of snakes for anything you hate and see the cause of your fear to gain a clearer view of your emotional message. When there is hate, always ask what you fear and the cause.

Humans are focused on survival, whether they live in a penthouse or shack. The body’s strongest focus is to stay alive, therefore anything that threatens that survival instinct makes people afraid, which often develops in to hate. If a group threatens what we believe, we fear and eventually hate them. “That group is different from us, or worships differently or forces us to see life in a new way.” All of these challenges frighten people, so entire groups often develop hate to justify their fear.

Fear is a natural, necessary emotion for survival, but the development of fear into hate is a choice. All of us can choose to acknowledge our fears and deal with them before they develop into hate. What do you fear? How can you deal with your fear before you create hate?

Meditation is my favorite solution to rise above your body’s emotions. Turn within to you, the spirit, to discover your ability to hear and respond to your body’s emotions. When you are aware of your emotions, you can deal with them. Emotions are not “good” or “bad”. They are simply communications from your body. What is your body saying? If it is filled with hate, it is telling you that it is afraid. You can see how to change your situation to rise above your fear with meditation. Whether the emotions are from past or present circumstances, meditation can help you take charge of your emotions and your life.

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in this world, but it has not solved one yet.”
Maya Angelou

By Mary Ellen Flora

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