Class One:

The Center of Your Head

The next spiritual technique is centering and the place is “The Center of Your Head,” where your sixth chakra is located. Your clairvoyant information, or clear sight, is located here. You are spirit and you appear in the physical world as a bright spark of light.  The center of your head, or sixth chakra, is your spiritual control center when you are in your body.

You, the spirit, can be anywhere. You, the bright spark of light, can be outside of your body or inside of your body.  The center of your head is where you need to focus to best use and be in control of your body and physical life experiences.  When you are outside of your body you are not as aware of the body, its characteristics, actions and needs.  If you are focused in your body below the center of your head you are greatly affected by the body’s emotions, intellect, surrounding influences and other body characteristics.  The farther in your body you focus the more you are controlled by your body’s experiences.  The center of your head provides a safe, balanced space for you, the spirit, to be aware of your body without being overwhelmed by its experience.

The center of your head gives you a spiritual perspective of life and a clear view of how to move through the maze of your physical world.  Your spiritual technique of grounding is necessary to center in your head comfortably and safely.  You are a high vibration and your body is a lower vibration.  To bring spirit and body together successfully you need grounding to help raise the vibration of the body and lower the energy of spirit just enough to work together in harmony. Grounding and centering in your head bring spirit and body together to communicate and create consciously.

To Experience Centering in Your Head:

BE SEATED with your hands and feet separated and your eyes closed. Sit in a straight-backed chair to allow your spine to be as straight as possible. Use the meditation posture from Meditation for All.

GROUND YOURSELF and your body by creating an energy cord from your first chakra, near the base of your spine, to the center of the earth.

FOCUS YOUR ATTENTION into the center of your head, behind and slightly above the level of your eyes.  Allow time to put your attention there.  You, the spirit, go where you focus your attention.

TO HELP YOU FOCUS your attention and experience the center of your head, place your index fingers with one finger just above your ear and one on your forehead, between and slightly above your eyes.  Where a line would intersect between these two fingers is the center of your head.

BE IN THE CENTER OF YOUR HEAD.  Put your arms down in your lap and relax your body so it can adjust to you and your high energy in this space inside your body.

INCREASE YOUR GROUNDING so your body can accept your high spiritual energy safely and comfortably.

BE QUIET and experience being grounded and centered in your head

RELEASE DISTRACTIONS, to being quietly centered, down your grounding cord. Simply let the distractions flow out of you and down your grounding cord into the Earth.

MEDITATE using your grounding, centering and release for as long as your body is comfortable.

TO END YOUR MEDITATION bend forward and dangle your arms toward the floor to release energy from your arms, shoulders and head.

SIT UP and enjoy more quiet meditation or return to your daily activities.

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