spiritYour body is very important for your spiritual expression. Your body is the vehicle you use to manifest your spiritual energy on planet Earth. How are you treating your body? Do you treat it with respect or punish it? Do you honor your body for all of the experience it provides you with or do you invalidate it for not being perfect?

We are spirit, a spark of the Divine, and all earthly matter is our creation – including our bodies and our planet. This is where meditation is required for you to open communication between you, the spirit, and your vessel, the body. Spirit and body are vastly different, so they both need to relearn how to communicate each lifetime. Bodies communicate mostly with emotions. Thus, it is required for spirit to remember how to interpret the emotions for creative action. Meditation allows for this translation process. Spirit is high, fast energy and communicates in many ways such as pictures, formulas, vibrations and others. Bodies express themselves mainly with emotions, words and other physical forms.

Accepting your body as your spiritual vessel and respecting its differences from you, the spirit, help you function in this physical world. You are able to express yourself, the spirit, without expecting your body to be like you or for you, the spirit, to be like your body. Meditation is an avenue to experience and accept these differences.

Another benefit of meditation is awakening to your reason for manifesting in a body this lifetime. Learning your spiritual purpose gives you clear insight into your life path and how to follow it. You are spirit and your body is your vessel. Meditate to bring these aspects of yourself together – spirit and body. To create a fulfilling life, know that you are spirit and your body is your vessel.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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