wisdomWhat is wisdom? Could it be seeing things as they are instead of the way you have been taught or told things are? Do you have a blind side that only allows you to see things the way your group sees them? When you clearly observe the world, you are able to see what truly is.

Wisdom is seeing the full picture, not simply what you want to see. The world is being offered the gift of wisdom during this time that humans are experiencing a great deal of upheaval. Since humans often get caught in an idea that “there is only one way,” they have difficulty accepting and developing wisdom. If you believe life is limited, you are most likely to be afraid to see that there are a variety of options. Our social media platforms are showing us the amazing varieties of human experience, both ugly and beautiful. We now have a wonderful opportunity to observe what actually is on a larger scale.

Wisdom is associated with the spiritual ability of clairvoyance or clear seeing. This spiritual talent is the ability to be neutral, to see what exists in the moment, to see the full picture. Wisdom does not include judgment, prejudice, or a narrow view. Wisdom is clear neutrality. When you are caught in judgment – or any narrow view – pause, ground your body and focus your spiritual light into the center of your head You can develop wisdom by meditating and practicing grounding and centering.

Wisdom is a spiritual view and you are spirit. Allowing this view only requires that you, the spirit, bring some of your bright energy into your head and awaken your physical consciousness to your spiritual self. When you discover prejudice against someone or even a whole group of people, you can meditate and move to your neutral space. Your new view will help you see a spiritual perspective and realize that all people are a spark of the Divine Force.

When you judge someone, pause and allow your neutral perspective. You may be judging from your personal view but not from their reality. Maybe you have a safe, well-off life, and they experience constant threat. You may see that they are angry because they are afraid and for good reason. With your neutral perspective providing wisdom, you may see a way to help the situation or at least see your way to understanding instead of judging it.

Many people believe wisdom is difficult or even impossible to develop. Actually, you can develop your wisdom by grounding and centering in your head while meditating. You may not be popular with your “group” when being wise, since you will be more accepting of all others including those your “group” dislikes. The wisdom that you develop through having your spiritual perspective may change your life. The question is: Do you want to see this world as a spiritual creation or do you want to see the world from a narrow perspective of prejudice and judgement?

Develop your wisdom and set yourself free.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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