Reboot Yourself

By: Mary Ellen Flora

Have you ever had trouble with your computer and tried every solution, and finally a friend told you to reboot it? You turned your computer off, allowed it time to readjust, then turned it on and it worked fine.

Your body is similar to your computer and needs rebooting at times. How can you reboot your body? There are several options; my two favorites are sleep and meditation. Most people understand the benefits of sleep, so I want to emphasize the way meditation helps you reboot your body. Since you are spirit, not your body, you need to respect the way your body works. It exists in time and space and uses effort, among other characteristics, such as requiring rest and fuel to function.

You, the spirit, are not bound by physical principles so you can function constantly, 24/7. Your body has physical limits and cannot keep up with you, the spirit. Your body needs quiet time, sleep, food and other physical things. Like your computer, your body needs to reboot.

My favorite way to reboot my body is meditation. Meditation allows you, the spirit, to consciously function as you quiet the physical system including the intellect and emotions. Your physiological systems become quiet and restful and your body gets a break from you, the high energy spirit, trying to move so much action through your body.

Since you are spirit and your body is your vessel, you need to understand and respect their differences. Like your automobile, you need to use your body correctly so it works for you, but not to expect it to be like you.

Spirit and body are vastly different, and meditation is the most effective avenue for their communication and cooperation. This requires you, the spirit, to be responsible for your body and to know when it needs a reboot. If you do not care for your body, it cannot fully function for your spiritual creativity to flow through it.

When you can no longer function the way you desire, take time to reboot your body so it can operate the way you desire. You may need sleep, food, exercise, or fun and always remember the best reboot of all and take time to meditate. You, the spirit, allow yourself to create and your body to rest.

Meditate to reboot your body and validate you, the spirit.

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