Kundalini, The Transformer

By: Mary Ellen Flora

This is an excerpt from the book Kundalini: The Flame of Life
by Mary Ellen Flora.

“Kundalini is a spiritual energy which is meant to transform our physical creations to a higher vibration. Everything is energy … physical matter is a lower and slower vibration than pure spiritual energy. Spirit is a fast-moving energy that is not usually seen by the physical eyes. Kundalini energy helps bring these two vibrations, high and low, together. The Kundalini flow of energy through the body helps bring the physical vibration up so the high vibration of spirit can more easily flow through the physical form. Kundalini energy unites the spiritual with the physical…

Kundalini energy is dormant until stimulated by a soul’s conscious preparation or unconscious actions and behavior. It can be quiet for a long time, and then “uncoil” more suddenly and frighten the body with its speed and power. Kundalini energy is latent in every person. Everything is energy, and kundalini is the energy transformer available to everything. It takes several lifetimes for a soul to consciously control its kundalini energy, but it may arise at any time depending on the soul’s development, focus, and desire.

You must constantly evaluate your beliefs, ideas, and concepts when focusing on a spiritual path. Spiritual growth provides a great challenge to stay in control and on your true path. Kundalini energy moves you along so rapidly, you must stay spiritually focused to remain true to yourself. The physical world offers many temptations, and kundalini energy speeds up their presentation, so you need information rapidly. Ask yourself what your reasons are for wanting to turn on your kundalini. If you do not know yourself, you many need to meditate for some time before focusing on your kundalini energy.

Kundalini energy transforms what you, the spirit, have created in physical matter into spiritual energy. If you have created a healthy body full of affinity, happiness, and joy, your kundalini energy will immediately translate this energy to a higher vibration for you, the spirit, to flow into and through. If you have created pain, misery, and fear, your kundalini energy will translate these into a higher vibration; this means you will have to begin your transformation with intense healing work. There is a drastic difference between the two extremes just described. Most people are somewhere in between with both joy and sadness, fear and love, and pain and happiness. The nature of the transformation caused by kundalini energy is dependent on your creativity. If you have created clarity, the transformation will be easy. If you have created a system cluttered with debilitating energies, you will have a challenging or difficult transformation.

You, the spirit, are the creator of your reality in the physical world. You are energy and you use energy to create in matter. Once you have manifested into matter at your conception and come into the material reality at your birth, you continue to create your beliefs into material form through your physical body. The kundalini process helps you transform your energy into the physical form, and then transforms whatever you have created in the physical form back into spiritual energy. The most obvious times you accomplish this transformation are when you come into the body at birth and when you leave your body at death.

Some souls use kundalini energy at conception and birth to help them bring more of their energy into the body at the beginning of their earthly experience …”

By Mary Ellen Flora

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