grounding is the wayYou are spirit and the creator of your life.  You heal when you take responsibility for your body and other creations.  For example, exercise for the body keeps it healthy, but many people choose not to exercise.  Everything is a choice, including healing.  You choose things that make you unhealthy and things that create health for you. You also choose helpers to assist if you decide to change.  Your healing helpers could vary from a friend to a surgeon, but you are ultimately your own healer because you make the decision to change.  Others can only assist you in your process.  My friends and I use the assistance of medical doctors, friends, spiritual healers and many others.  We use what we receive from others to help us heal and create in a new way.

Physical illness can be a healing because it may force a person to change a pattern in some way. Some people chose to remain physically ill because they do not want to deal with the underlying, deep cause of the problem.  I know a woman who had diabetes, would not stop eating sweets daily, and would not exercise or lose weight.  She confided in me that she was afraid of being sexually attractive and kept the weight on her body to protect herself.  She had been sexually abused by her father and tried to be unattractive for protection as well as using weight to pad her pain.  She made the choice to be physically ill because she did not want to confront the past pain that deterred her from healing behavior. A continuing physical challenge can offer a lifetime of focused healing by bringing knowledge and acceptance of self.

If something is not working correctly with your body, use the opportunity to communicate more with your body.  Learn to meditate to turn within and discover what is out of balance for you.  It could be simply physical, such as needing exercise and a change of diet.  These physical changes can uncover a world of necessary internal changes that you, the spirit, can make to allow the physical changes to work. Accepting yourself as you are at the moment is necessary for any healing to begin and continue.

A friend of mine was dangerously overweight and experiencing physical problems. So, she decided to diet and exercise to heal herself.  Her program worked for a while; then she regained all of the weight because she did not accept herself as she was.  She turned within with meditation and learned to know herself, the spirit, and what she had created to cause the weight problem.  She cleared the internal problem of a lack of self-worth while she dieted and exercised, and it worked.  She cleared old pain and fear from being abused as a child, and learned to love herself as a bright spirit in the present.  She is enjoying life in a new way and her weight is staying in a healthy range because she healed on both the physical and spiritual levels.

You are spirit and your body is your creation.  You, the spirit, have the power to heal.  Do you have the courage to know yourself and your creations well enough to make the necessary changes for healing?  Meditation is the way to turn within to learn to know yourself.  Through your self-knowledge from meditation, you can know what to change and what to accept.  With meditation, you can see yourself as a bright, powerful soul able to heal.

There are powerful spiritual techniques to help you tune into your healing power. Grounding is the foundation of self healing. Learn to meditate and turn within to discover that you are spirit and have the power to heal yourself and to consciously create your life.  You are a bright powerful spirit capable of creating any change with your desire and belief.  Allow the courage to manifest your spiritual light and power into your body and your life, and amazing healing can occur.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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