Excerpt from Kundalini Energy: The Flame of Life by Mary Ellen Flora

Kundalini Energy“This book is dedicated to life because kundalini energy is life. Kundalini is a life-force of spirit. It is a gift from God to use while in a body. I am able to accomplish all that I do as a teacher, healer, minster, writer, wife, administrator, friend, and all the other roles I play on Earth because I run kundalini energy. I use this spiritualizing force in everything I do and you can also. Whether you are meditating, healing, cooking a meal for your family, administering a business, or taking out the garbage, you can use kundalini energy to transform your experience to one of spiritual awareness.

However, mystery and misinformation surround kundalini energy. Many books and articles have been written about people’s kundalini experiences, but few of these treatises have been simple or clear about this energy or transformation. Many people who have experienced kundalini energy and written about it have expressed their emotionality and physical experience more than their knowledge and spiritual perspective of kundalini. Others who have information about kundalini energy consider it a mystery which the individual soul must discover on its own. Thus, they either do not write about it, or they write in a mysterious manner about kundalini. Adepts have often written in esoteric terms which may be confusing to the novice. This presentation about kundalini energy provides simple, clear information that anyone can understand. It is time for information about kundalini to be available to anyone wishing to have it as it is time for the human race to gain greater spiritual maturity.

I have used kundalini energy for as long as I can remember. I have been physically conscious of the meaning and purpose of kundalini energy for many years. My experience with kundalini energy has run the gamut, from disturbance to internal peace and cosmic ecstasy, and has stimulated every emotion from fear to joy. It has been a healing force throughout my life. Whether I used kundalini energy consciously or unconsciously, it has been a powerful force of spiritual energy that has helped me move through this world without having to be overwhelmed by its physical pull. Like everyone in a body, I have to balance the spirit and body dichotomy, and kundalini energy has always helped me move above the physical to regain my spiritual awareness. I am writing this book about kundalini energy because there is so much confusion and misinformation about it, and many people need to know about this revitalizing energy. Kundalini energy is affecting the lives of so many at this time of growth on Earth.

Recently, when I was doubting the call to write this book about such a powerful energy, I read an article that described a woman’s kundalini experience, and it confirmed my belief that people need information about kundalini. This woman was put in the psychiatric ward of a hospital and was heavily drugged because of her bizarre behavior. She later learned that her experience stemmed from activating her kundalini energy. She proceeded to relate her entire experience to the kundalini energy instead of realizing that most of her unpleasant experience was due to what she was cleansing from her physical and spiritual system and to the way she was treated. She did not understand that the kundalini energy simply activated what she had stored in her body. Since she had a great deal of pain and disturbance in her system, she had traumatic experiences and her scientific healers were oblivious to kundalini energy and its effects. Unfortunately, she proceeded to tell frightening ideas about kundalini energy to everyone who would listen. During my years of using kundalini energy, I have never had any of the unpleasant experiences she described. Trauma does not have to be a part of your kundalini experience if you prepare your body for spiritual transformation. Kundalini energy is a catalyst; it is not what it stimulates. It is a very high energy that transforms lower energies.

Kundalini Energy

The spine is the Main Channel for Kundalini Energy.

I am writing this book because more and more people are spontaneously turning on their kundalini energy and do not know what is happening to them. It can be frightening when you have a powerful experience and do not understand it. This information is to help people understand the nature of kundalini, how it affects the physical body, and its spiritual purpose. Kundalini energy is a wonderful transforming energy. There is no need to be afraid of it. It is necessary to be aware of what it is and how it works. Since kundalini energy is so powerful, it is important to cleanse the physical and spiritual system as much as possible before using kundalini for your spiritual transformation. Those who prepare do not have traumatic experiences. People who do not operate as spirit and neglect to prepare their system experience disturbances and sometimes trauma, as did the woman who had the frightening experience.

We are meant to live fully in these physical bodies, and kundalini energy is not intended to turn us into celibate saints, unless that is our desire. Kundalini energy is meant to help us awaken to the fact that we are spirit creating in the physical world and to help us transform our physical creations to a higher vibration which is easier for us to flow through as spirit. We can use our kundalini energy to meditate and communicate with the Cosmic Consciousness or to heal our bodies or to play a sport. This wonderful energy is for our spiritual creativity in the physical world. It is a cosmic energy we can use in our physical body to create in any manner.

I live what most people would consider a normal life, with home and family, work, hobbies, sports, and quiet time. I enjoy food, wine, laughter, and fun. Kundalini energy is one of the forces that allows me to enjoy life to its fullest. It energizes and cleanses my body, enhances my spiritual awareness, and gives me the energy to participate fully in life. Whether I am trying to win at tennis with my young niece or in a deep meditation with my God, kundalini energy is a major part of the fuel of my spiritual fire.

The world is full of beauty and you can learn to see it when you tune into God and your spiritual nature. I wish to encourage everyone who will listen to turn within to the power of God that is within you. By quieting your physical creations and paying attention to your spiritual nature, you can cleanse and prepare yourself for spiritual awakening. Your kundalini energy is a major part of your transformation. Kundalini helps you experience the spiritual nature of all things, from the mundane to the sublime.

Let go of your expectations and fears, and join me on a journey into spiritual awareness where life is full of energy, discovery, and joy.”

Copyright © 1998 by Mary Ellen Flora. All rights reserved. Excerpted by permission of the publisher. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.

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