Clairvoyant Readings

In-Person Readings

Our gifted readers offer clairvoyant readings, giving you a neutral view of yourself and your life. Our readers have years of experience and provide clarity, neutrality and amusement.

When your Reading Request is received, someone will contact you to schedule your in-person appointment. A portion of your reading is a question-and-answer time. Write down your questions to assure that you will remember them during the reading. Your reading will be recorded for you. You will receive the recording via email to download and save to your computer following the reading.

“The psychic reading I received at CDM changed my life! I was shocked by the clarity of the readers whom I had never met before. I went into the reading feeling stuck and came out feeling energized and validated. That was so fun!” — Tracy P.

“Whenever I need a boost, I get a psychic reading at CDM. It’s amazing how a reading can help you refocus on what’s important and clear the distractions. I tend to focus on what ‘I’m not doing’ instead of all the things I am doing. Readings sure help with that self-validation.” — Paul C.

Clairvoyant Readings (60-minute)

Our 60-minute reading includes a Rose Reading, an Aura Reading and questions.

Experience validation of you, the spirit, and many aspects of your creativity. These readings include information about lessons from past lives, your openness to your spiritual abilities, and a view of your energy system in the present. Empower yourself with information from a neutral reading about you, the creator of your life.

When your Reading Request is received, someone will contact you to schedule your in-person appointment.

Schedule your Clairvoyant Reading – $100 Donation

Clairvoyant Readings (60-minute)

Our 30 minute reading includes an Aura Reading and/or questions.

Option 1: Includes an Aura Reading and questions.
Everything is energy and so are you. This reading validates your aura, the unique energy field you are creating. The reading acknowledges many aspects of your spiritual creativity including reading 7 layers of your aura with information about each layer and 15 minutes for your questions.

Option 2: Includes questions only.
Just need some answers or perspective about the unique issues facing you? A 30-minute reading can be entirely devoted to answering your questions. Our readers will provide a spiritual view in relation to your questions.

When your Reading Request is received, someone will contact you to schedule your in-person appointment.

Schedule your Clairvoyant Reading – $50 Donation

About a Rose Reading

The Rose Reading consists of a set of symbols that we as clairvoyant readers see and fill with your spiritual energy. This gives us information about you both as a personality and as an immortal soul, and helps us better communicate with you.

The first symbol we read is a gauge or thermometer that indicates to what extent you are programmable by what we say in the reading. Because we are concerned with free will, it is important that you take, from what we say, only that which is correct for you.

The sun in the mock-up symbolizes your energy source or the God of your heart (your own concept of God). We look at the rose in relationship to the sun to determine how you are in touch with this Source.

The rose is the central figure in this picture, and it symbolizes you. The openness of the flower tells us how open you are on a spiritual level and how open you are as a personality to new information. The length of the stem on this rose indicates how long you have been taking bodies on this planet. Prominent bands on the stem of the rose indicate past lives pertinent to this life and to present growth.

Aura Reading

All things that have consciousness of life continually state the condition of their being in the form of energy waves. This energy field is visible to a clairvoyant as organized patterns of color. The composition and structure of the field varies according to the person or object being read. Specific information concerning the attitudes and experiences of a person are recorded in smaller units of structured energy, visible to a clairvoyant as “images” or “pictures”.

Each individual reader, because of their particular energy level, sees colors in his/her unique way; thus each interpretation will be slightly different.

The aura reading will consist of basic color interpretations and will include the symbols in the aura. The aura reader will look at the main color vibration of each of the seven major layers of your aura. Each layer relates to one of the seven major chakras, and to the spiritual information contained in that chakra.

The first layer, the layer closest to the body, relates to the first chakra, which contains your survival information; the second layer relates to the second chakra, clairsentience; the third layer relates to the third chakra, energy distribution; the fourth layer relates to the fourth chakra, affinity; the fifth layer relates to the fifth chakra, clairaudience; the sixth layer relates to the sixth chakra, clairvoyance; the seventh layer relates to the seventh chakra, knowingness. The reader will interpret the color of each layer to tell you how you are currently using that aspect of your energy and information.

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“I had my first psychic reading at CDM last month. The information provided helped me to make some changes that I had been wanting to make for years but was too scared to take the steps. I am now in the process of changing jobs and doing what I’ve always wanted to do. Thank you, CDM!”

— Claire T.

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