Earth"“The planet Earth is the body of our collective spiritual consciousness.” Just as each of us is spirit and has our unique physical body, we also have our shared cooperative body, the Earth.

We are spirit and when we manifest our unique vibration on planet Earth, we create a physical body. As a spiritual group, we have also created this large body, Earth, to use in our cooperative creativity. Every living thing on Earth participates in the Earthly creativity.

“The Earth is like the Garden of Eden in the Judeo-Christian Bible story. We are the gardeners of Earth. Just as we as individuals are responsible for our body, we as a collective consciousness are responsible for our larger body, planet Earth.”

Since each of us is responsible for our individual body and together we are all responsible for Earth, the best way to care for our individual and shared body is to learn to understand them. We learn best by communicating with our bodies and responding to their needs. The most effective method to relate to our bodies and our planet is through meditation.

We learn to know and understand the body from our spiritual perspective by slowing our vibration enough to connect with the physical world. We also need to raise the vibration of our bodies to allow more spiritual energy and awareness into the physical world. This spirit and body balance allows communication, clarity and healing.

When we, the spirit, take responsibility for our individual bodies and our collective body, Earth, we create a healing experience.

  • Number 1: Acknowledge that you are spirit and not your body or Earth.
  • Number 2: You, the spirit, are the creator of and responsible for your body and our shared body, the Earth.
  • Number 3: Meditation helps you bring spirit and body together to discover the way to best function in a body on Earth.

When we see the brilliance of individuals, we are also seeing the amazing power of the collective consciousness since we each make up the collective power. We are incredibly capable and creative and have created both good and bad for our bodies and our planet. Because we are so capable, we are able to solve all of the problems we have created. Everyone needs to begin within to develop self-knowledge which can lead to an awakening of our collective consciousness and its power.

We have the right questions and the answers to all of our questions. Take your place as a responsible member of the human collective consciousness and help heal and nurture our Earth with your many talents and gifts.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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