Looking for something magicalLooking for something magical in your life?  Do you need a magic potion for your life, your health, or your attitude toward life?  Do you need more money or time?  If you are looking for any of these things, meditation is for you. Meditation is a spiritual focus that affects your physical life.

You do not need to be spiritually or religiously devoted or to change your religious beliefs in order to meditate.  You simply need to desire to know yourself and want to take charge of your life.  You may think of meditation as impractical and otherworldly, but meditation is very practical and earthy.  It can help you create your life the way you want it instead of having it blown about by the winds of others’ desires, your emotions, or the world’s upheaval.

You are a powerful force capable of creating what you need and want.  The only thing between you and having what you desire is your beliefs.  Meditation is the way to turn within, discover your limiting beliefs, and clear the interference to your desired creativity.  You are spirit and a spark of the Cosmic Whole.  Your body and all of your creations are how you, the spirit, are manifesting yourself in the physical world.  You display your spiritual creativity in how your body looks and feels and in everything you create, including your relationships, work, living space, and so forth.

Through meditation, you can tune into your spiritual self, with all of your power, creativity, and enthusiasm.  You can learn to use your spiritual abilities to create your life and to see yourself and others from neutral.  Your life is yours to live, so you need to turn within to know yourself, your abilities, and your desires to live your way.  You also need to get to know your beliefs to enhance your unique creativity. The meditation process of self-education can be great fun and very healing.

Once you have some self-knowledge, you can begin orchestrating your life.  For example, you may recognize that you need to learn to stand up for yourself: that you have the qualities of compassion and forgiveness, but need to be more aggressive and outspoken so you can help yourself and others.  You may see that you greatly desire to help others, but have a belief that you are too helpless to make a difference.  Empowered with this new self-knowledge, you can use your meditations to let go of any beliefs that limit you and cause you to create in such a passive manner.  Maybe your mother taught you to be gentle to the point of being ineffectual and you need to let go of her wish for you in order to have your desire of helping others.

Whatever you want, you can create it.  All you need is time to meditate to learn about yourself and your abilities. Meditation can help you bring the magic back into your life, whether it is your work, relationships, health, sexuality, or your desire to give.  Meditation is truly a magic potion because it helps you get to know yourself and how to use your abilities to create what you want.  Through meditation, you can release past pain, others’ desires for you, emotional problems and other limits to your present, joyous creativity.  Meditation lets you see yourself as the bright, capable spirit that you are, in order to create in the present with power.

Put magic into every aspect of your life: your home, work, and play.  Meditation can help you focus your attention on yourself to create the magic, by putting you back in control of your life.  You are meant to enjoy life, and meditation can help you do just that.  You can be the magician.

by Mary Ellen Flora

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