Feel better, look better, and be happier. You can accomplish all of this while resting your body.

easy meditation techniques

Did you realize one of the most important aspects of exercise is rest? Well, it is also an important part of improving your overall well-being. You can create a new way of relaxing and even rejuvenating your body by meditating.

Meditation can be fun, restful and healing for your body. You can use your meditation to rest your mind from your busy schedule and take a break from your active emotions.

Many people recommend meditation, including health gurus, counselors, psychologists, ministers and others. So, how do you do it?

Here are 7 easy tools to help you meditate:

  • 1. Create a quiet environment with a straight-backed chair. Any place will do since you will close your eyes during the meditation. One woman even used the lounge of the women’s room where she works. You do not need a special place, just a quiet one if you are a beginner.
  • 2. Sit straight in your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your hands separated and relaxed on your lap. This posture opens your energy system and helps you use the following techniques.
  • 3. Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths to relax your body. Turn your attention within and focus on yourself. Listen to your breathing and heartbeat to help you focus on yourself. Remind yourself to breathe slowly and deeply throughout your meditation. This helps relax your body and sends clear, rejuvenating oxygen through your system.
  • 4. Create a flow of energy from a space near the base of your spine to the center of the Earth. Create this flow of energy from your body to the Earth. This grounding cord is like an electrical ground. Your body is an electrical system and needs to be grounded for you to use and control it effectively.


Grounding creates a safe, centered experience for your body and puts you, the spirit, in charge. Whether you are meditating, working, exercising or whatever, you can be grounded. Grounding puts you in control of your body and environment. It eliminates that spacey, unfocused experience and helps you focus on your present creation. Practice grounding while you meditate and during any of your daily activities, and it can become a beneficial habit.


center of your head

  • 5. Next, focus your attention into the center of your head, a little above and behind your eyes. This is a neutral space where you can view your world without being overwhelmed by it.
  • 6. Activate your neutral perspective by focusing into the center of your head when you meditate. This helps you be aware of your emotions and other body communication without being engulfed by your body’s experience. You will find centering in your head helpful in business, sports and relationships, as well as in meditation.
  • 7. Put these steps together: sit quietly, breathe deeply, ground from your body to the center of the Earth, focus into the center of your head. Use your grounding to let go of your thoughts and emotions, and experience a few moments of inner peace.

Like anything you use your body for, meditation requires practice. The more you meditate, the clearer your system will become. The healing, rejuvenating qualities of meditation will become apparent in your appearance and behavior. The release of stress will bring a new sense of well-being, even if you only meditate for a short time.

Meditation has brought a sense of peace and well-being into many people’s lives, and it can work for you. All you have to invest is a little time to feel, look and be a happier you.

Want to learn more? Check out Meditation: Key to Spiritual Awakening by Mary Ellen Flora.

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