Youthful InspirationIt seems to me kids have always been more capable than their parents. Isn’t it also normal for adolescents to view their parents as ploddingly slow and “you are sooo out of it?” After all, if we kiddos weren’t more creative and curious – wouldn’t we still be hanging out by the fire chewing on bones? But I’m telling you, this new generation is turbo-charged and poised to make huge changes and appear to be more than up to the task.

Lately there has appeared a new phrase, coined by young people, to define people of an older generation, with whom the young have run out of patience. Basically, the message being “I have no time for your reluctance and excuses for stalling – change is happening with our without you!”

I am, alas, a member of that older generation. But I take heart hearing their message. As an answer to a recent prayer of mine: show me some light in these days, the next 48 hours I experienced four examples of “lights shining in the darkness” and they all involved young people being aware of themselves and operating as spirit.

I was standing in line at the store and felt a tug from behind. There was a young boy in the shopping cart. He was beaming at me. Without thinking, my response was, “Wow, you sure are happy, aren’t you?” “Yes, I am!” I perceived his interest in me spiritually as I had been to church earlier that day and was basking in that ‘meditation glow’. As we conversed, his mother meanwhile had her hands full with keeping his three siblings together in line. I telepathically said hello to her and thanks for being a great mom. I could have sworn I heard her thought bubble: “Oh Lord, four young ones, what was I thinking?”

That same day, I was with some of my neighbors who just completed a short walk supporting local immigrants. At the end of the walk, my young neighbor – the leader – asked the small group which included half a dozen six to twelve-year-olds, for a few minutes of silent communication. As we stood there, I immediately felt the combined energy of the group, the power, compassion and unity of purpose. I was especially aware of the children’s extraordinary presence and maturity. I was moved and inspired by the power generated with the young one’s help.

A day later, I heard a conversation between an adult and a toddler in a public restroom. The youngster was experiencing fear, frustration and anger. What was remarkable was the adult having a continual dialogue with the child, helping her to work with her body so she could accomplish what she wanted. At one point, the mother suggested she take a little time to calm her body. The toddler only needed three seconds to do that. She gained more seniority with her body, then went on to complete her task. Throughout, the adult was neutral and respectful, allowing the little girl to make her choices. I walked away amused with myself – realizing that I had to wait until I was an adult to take spiritual instruction classes to learn how to work as spirit with my body to accomplish my goals. I’m thinking that kid is so fortunate to have such a mother. Did she take classes at CDM? I forgot to ask. Probably.

The last example is my favorite for being short and to the point. It was time for bed and I knew I shouldn’t be surfing channels on TV, but I was searching for something feel-good, amusing or inspirational before falling asleep. I found a one-minute video of a newly elected 24-year-old Member of Parliament in New Zealand taking her elders to task on their inaction. Off to her right, another MP tried to shut her down. She sailed over his objections with the phrase OK BOOMER without missing a beat, like the lead horse clearing the jumps in the steeplechase.

Change is happening. I encourage anyone to look to young people for inspiration and instruction. They are not here to ‘show us up’, they are here to show us the way forward. Be thankful for them.

And, oh yeah: GO BOMMERS!

By Susan Pereira

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