beliveYes, you are a spark of the Divine and that makes you responsible for your life: your beliefs, thoughts and actions. Are you proud of your behavior or ashamed of it? You cannot represent the totality of the Cosmic Consciousness, but you can manifest your personal spark of Divinity, often called your body personality. Within the limits or parameters of your present life, you have great freedom to choose your Divine nature or your body’s animal nature.

You are spirit in a physical body. This duality of spirit and body gives you a wealth of choice for your creativity. “Do I speak up or shut up? Do I validate a situation or deny it?” You have the choice of listening to yourself, the spirit, or to your body. You can be neutral and see things clearly or be extremely emotional and unclear. You can be realistic or self-righteous. You can be prejudiced and judgmental or accepting and healing.

I recently read two articles making this point. One was about a woman who called the police on a man because he asked her to stop breaking the law, and he was black. The other was about a black woman who would not speak about her race issues because she feared people’s response. Which one should shut up and which one speak up? Which one was seeking to be honest and healing and which was being prejudiced and harmful? We all have a choice every moment. We can choose the spiritual path or the physical one. Remember, our bodies are animals and we, the spirit, are meant to guide them and train them to develop spiritual abilities. The woman who lied was publicly punished for her lies and the other woman was rewarded, when she spoke up, by the open communication she received.

The Judeo-Christian Bible has many good examples of the fact that we are spirit inhabiting an animal body. It also speaks to the body’s bestial nature and the challenge of training the body to allow spirit to be in control. This does not mean that the body is “bad”, simply that it offers a learning opportunity for the spirit to learn and grow. Thus, any group or individual claiming to be religious or spiritually focused that is focusing on judgment, prejudice, guilt or self-righteousness is only pretending to be representing the Divine. Spiritual teachings need to include your Divine nature and that you are responsible for yourself.

All of these previous items are physical phenomenon and not spiritually focused. Judgment, prejudice and self-righteousness are all based on someone attempting to control because they relate to survival issues for the body. Guilt and all of the other divisions are a waste of time, since we are all responsible for ourselves and can forgive, heal and move on to a more beneficial action and a spiritual perspective. If you are allowing a group, organization or individual to control you with these and other physical temptations of the body, remember, you are a God and in charge of your life. We can then see that every moment is an opportunity to take charge of the physical and manifest your Divine Spark.

All humans are physically related and spiritually as one with the Divine, so any dividing games are based on physical, survival issues. From a spiritual view, all of these divisions are lies, and we need to rise above our blindness to experience our spiritual sight. We can then see that every moment is an opportunity to take charge of the physical and manifest our Divine Spark.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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