world disastersOur planet is always experiencing vast changes involving physical transitions such as earthquakes, hurricanes, volcanoes, floods and so forth. In this age, these Earth changes create major human disasters since there is such a large human population now. We humans are losing our bodies and other creations in the drastic and rapid changes occurring. Earth has always had major, violent transitions but now there are more human inhabitants with more creations being affected, thus we have lessons to learn about living safely on planet Earth.
There is argument about the cause of these disasters. Some say humans create them. Others blame God, believing that they are to punish bad behavior. Others say it is only part of a natural process of planetary evolution. The answer is not “either or”, it involves humans, our planet and our spiritual awareness.

If we observe history we must accept the fact that planet Earth develops through what we see as disasters. We see these events as disasters because we lose our creations i.e. bodies, houses, etc. We must also accept that we affect the Earth shifts with our human growth and development i.e. carbon emissions, pesticides, plastics, waste of all sorts plus increased population. Blaming God is absurd because God does not have human characteristics such as wanting to punish. We are spirit and part of the Divine and need to awaken to our spiritual nature in order to consciously see how to safely relate to Earth.

We are spirit, our bodies are our creations. We also created our planet as our larger body, to create, learn and grow. Unfortunately, most people forgot we are spirit and responsible for our creations – our bodies and our planet. Most humans have also forgotten God or the Cosmic Consciousness. We often compete with this force of energy and believe we know best. Thus, we create more disturbance than necessary. We are meant to flow in alignment with the Divine instead of opposing it.

All people around Earth are responsible for their individual bodies and our shared planet. When in alignment with the Divine force, regardless of the name one uses, life flows with grace and when opposing our spiritual nature, we are destructive.

World disasters are part of our learning process to show us where we are doing well and where we have made mistakes. An example is building a city on a flood plain. We know it will flood but we expect to rebuild regardless of the loss and cost. Another example of a mistake is continuing to poison our planet and bodies with various products just to make money.

If we awaken to our spiritual nature we can see disasters as opportunities to choose to either move more in alignment with the Cosmic Consciousness or to oppose the spiritual flow. We can be compassionate, generous, and loving or we can become afraid, greedy, and hateful. Most of us do some of both but we can all learn to focus more on the spiritual aspect of ourselves if we choose to do so.

Meditation is the easiest path to spiritual awakening and also benefits your body. Practice meditation on a daily basis and you will be more prepared for any coming disasters. Your fear will diminish because you will know that you are part of the eternal Divine Force and the physical world is temporary.

What can we learn from world disasters? We can use these occurrences to learn to know ourselves – our strengths and weaknesses. We can learn when we create with common sense and when we create with greed or when we choose fear instead of love. Meditation helps us to awaken spiritually to create with a spiritual view of self and life, to accept responsibility for our bodies and our planet.

Meditate and prepare yourself for your life disasters, large and small. Meditate and create your personal spiritual transformation.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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