changeA question I saw on a newsfeed was, “What single thing would you change to achieve gender equality?” My immediate thought was a desire to improve everyone’s life. What one thing could improve everyone’s life, would be my question.

My answer is for all of humanity to awaken spiritually. What if we all recognized ourselves as spirit. Divisions, prejudice, judgement, fear and hate would diminish because we would see ourselves and each other as a part of the Divine Whole. We would begin to see everyone as a relative in the family of humanity.

Everyone’s life would improve if we truly recognized all humans as worthy of respect and compassion. Humans will always create a definite variety of life experience. This variety requires all of us to be neutral and accepting if we want a world of both creativity and minimum conflict.

We have to begin with ourselves to achieve this goal of acceptance of humanity. Meditation is the best way I know of to accomplish neutrality, acceptance, compassion and the other characteristics of love. The more we focus on our spiritual nature and learn to control our physical nature the more we enhance our world.

By spiritual, I mean the characteristics of our Divine nature such as kindness, compassion, neutrality and the other aspects of love. I do not mean the rules of humans that create divisions. Yes, we have our variety of paths, but we can learn to be accepting rather than judgmental of each other’s choices.

By the simple act of accepting each other as unique, everyone is allowed to be themselves. We all are allowed to create our life as we desire. We only need two rules: Love your God and Love yourself and your neighbor. With these rules, you will not need detail rules because you will operate with beneficial behavior from following the first two rules.

We can change the world by changing ourselves into being spiritually awake. We are spirit in a body, and we need to be aware that spirit needs to be in charge.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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