Understanding the Unknown

The UniverseThe unknown is a major issue that frightens humans. The unknown also makes people angry because we do not feel in control when we do not know. We are a species that likes to believe we are in control. Our amusement is important to help us when we realize that we can only control ourselves. The realization that we only have control of ourselves requires awareness of self as spirit, spiritual perspective and techniques. The confusion about the unknown relates to the duality of spirit and body. You are spirit and you have a physical body. You, the spirit, are all-knowing while your body is limited to its physical reality.

To help the body, I like to relate to the unknown as our questions and the known as our answers or the known as the present and the unknown as the future. I also use the example of the physically conscious as the known and the physically unconscious as the unknown. Allow yourself to see how important both the known and unknown are in your physical creativity. If you consciously knew everything about your life at the beginning, how would that affect your creativity? If you were aware of every experience of your life at the same moment, could your emotions and intellect handle it? Your body operates with emotions and intellect and through time which allows the body to create in this physical world of time and space. However, spirit does not have the limits of emotions, intellect or time and space. Thus, spirit knows and sees all. We humans are blessed with time in order to learn and grow with our physical creativity.

We are unable to access all of our spiritual information when in a physical body, so we have both the known and the unknown. We have time and space in which we can experience the present and be free to create our future, even while it is consciously unknown. If we did not have the unknown, we would not have choice and the amazing creative field available on planet Earth. You can learn to enhance and even enjoy the unknown when you acknowledge that you are spirit, a Divine spark. This awareness allows your body to be unafraid of the future since you know that you are spirit and the creator of your experience. You assuage your body’s fear of the unknown with your spiritual awareness. Even with your spiritual awareness, your body is often unaware of what you, the spirit, are creating until you manifest it physically.

You can learn to communicate with your body more clearly and reassure it about your spiritual creations. Often the body cannot comprehend your spiritual information and that is when you, the spirit, need to meditate to reassure your body. Meditation is the way to connect spirit and body and reassure the body of your spiritual presence and intentions. Through meditation, you can learn to understand the reason your body is not able to be all-knowing since it is limited by its physical reality. You, the spirit, are all-knowing and can present your knowing to your body as it can deal with it. Meditation is the key to bring the duality of spirit and body together and to understanding the unknown.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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