know yourselfThere is a bright side to isolation. Getting to know yourself and the ones close to you is an opportunity of a lifetime. Whether you are alone or with a group, such as family, you have more opportunity to be quiet and introspective. Meditation is the ideal way to turn within and learn to know both dimensions of yourself: spirit and body.

Around the world, people are required to isolate themselves to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. There are many different responses to this directive: acceptance to resistance. Whether you like this situation or not, there are benefits and we need to be aware of what we can learn from this experience.

A news feed I recently read included a report from a family quarantined in China and their experiences for the past eight weeks. The woman said meditation had helped both adults and children to experience calm and patience during their family isolation.

What benefit can you create during this challenging time? You could learn to meditate, continue to meditate and do more of it. Your meditations calm your body and everyone around you. This is also an opportunity to help others. Even if you have to social distance, you can reach out to others online, by telephone, text, even waving to say hello. All of your contacts help someone avoid feeling alone. You can always help someone laugh to rise above their fear.

Be creative to rise above fear, yours and others. Cook for yourself and others, draw a picture and send it to someone older. Create something online to entertain and help people forget their disturbances for a while. Your creativity will heal you and someone else. Learn to know how creative and talented you are. The world needs your unique talents now to help us all get through this challenging time.

Get to know both you, the spirit, and your body’s personality and what you have to offer this world. You are spirit, the light and life of your body. Shine through into our world and know and share yourself. By meditating, you bring your light into the world and help us all.

By Mary Ellen Flora

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