grounding is the wayI have been a CDM member and student for several decades. I clearly remember my first visit and receiving my first aura healing. I have never had a clearer moment than during that healing: this was what I wanted all my life, this was the reason I’m here in this lifetime, and I want this. I would have to write a symphony to describe how I felt. I have used the techniques taught at CDM in the ensuing years to shape, heal and change my life over and over again.

I have used a roadmap of the CDM spiritual techniques to plot and navigate my life. A small disclaimer: My life has been full of pit stops, stumbles and fumbles and side trips. But by using my spiritual techniques of grounding and centering, I am able to validate that the so called “troubles” in my life are all part and parcel of traveling one’s lifetime path. What gifts are grounding and centering. These techniques help me gain compassion and amusement with myself and others. Indispensable, believe me.

The first gift I was taught at CDM was grounding. By using this technique, and learning to run earth energy, I can hear my body’s voice and its communication to me. My body gives me its perspective of reality. This perspective has been crucial for me, the spirit, for I have needed to focus on healing a serious illness for the past five years. Learning to put daily attention on my spiritual communication with my body is one of my very important lessons. It has been a gift to learn the value of listening to and taking care of my body, however arduous that experience has been.

While learning over time to respect my body’s trepidation and resistance to making change, I continue to do my best to be gentle and use the gifts of running energy and creating and destroying roses to release old energies that no longer benefit me. As I continue to remember to communicate with my spiritual guidance, I am gradually realizing it takes my spiritual gifts of patience and compassion to let go, over time, day by day.

So much has happened these past five years, I was busy just focusing on what I needed to do. It was like having my head down, pulling and plowing forty acres of land. Now I begin to look back since the intensity has subsided and see just how much I was using my spiritual gifts/techniques to get me through that time.

I also see how much the faith and healing energy from my CDM friends and community surrounded me, supporting and encouraging me throughout. I know with certainty, that the spiritual techniques I used, along with my CDM friends’ presence and support, are the reasons I’m here and thriving.

I have a book inside me full of stories to tell of all the little miracles: the right people, circumstances and information that appeared when needed during that time. It all happened because deep down, though I was scared, I did have faith – which was magnified by the faith of my CDM friends, sustaining me and making me stronger. Faith is a spiritual gift, and all the CDM techniques ride upon it.

If I had to name the greatest spiritual gift, one that CDM always reminds me I have, it would be my spiritual communication with God, angels, Jesus and all the other known and unknown teachers and helpers.

As it states in the CDM Purpose, Creed and Practice: We believe that nothing in this world is worth exchanging for a one to one contact between the Cosmic and a living soul.

Thank you CDM, for being here and teaching the amazing saving grace of these powerful and simple healing techniques rooted in faith.

May CDM thrive and spread these teachings long into the future for generations to come.

By Susan Pereira

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