grounding is the wayKundalini energy helps me with clarity and focus. With no effort, using my Kundalini energy helps release excess emotions and other disturbances and concepts that interfere with responding to my life experiences with enthusiasm and neutrality.

Five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. After the initial shock wore off, I was able to regain my spiritual perspective. I found that I was actually excited about this new healing project even though my body was really scared. I had worked in the healthcare industry for several years and was now about to experience being the patient. Using Kundalini energy in my daily meditations helped me rise above my body’s intense emotions, and helped my body deal with the pain, nausea and loss of appetite from the chemotherapy. It also helped me have some levity with the process and enabled me to laugh with my family, friends and health care providers.

Recently, my husband has had two chronic, debilitating health issues diagnosed within two months of each other. And we are now experiencing a global pandemic that has disrupted life for the entire planet. Using Kundalini energy in my meditations and everyday life has saved my sanity. My compassion increases when I clear excess emotions. I respond to myself and others with more empathy and I am less likely to match others’ fear. I am less guilty, too, when I don’t do any of this perfectly.

Rosie has been practicing grounding, centering and other foundational meditation techniques – as well as using Kundalini energy – for many years.

By Rosie Leach

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