grounding is the wayPresent time is now – this instant. Present time has great power because everything in the physical world happens in the present – now. In fact, everything in the Cosmic Consciousness is happening now. You are spirit, creating in your physical body. In both arenas of creativity, everything is in the present. However, spirit has the illusion of past and future to help with the learning and healing process in the material realm.

Past and future are available to help spirit learn to create on the material plane. Past and future time give spirit the benefit of creating things through “time” rather than instantly. If we always created instantly, every thought would be created and humans are not spiritually aware or mature enough for this level of creative power. Time allows us to change something before we manifest it physically and to heal a creation we wish to change. For example, we might have dreams about a romance with someone and decide either to create it physically or not, before it has occurred. We can also meditate on a past mistake and change what caused it within ourselves, change our pattern and heal the issue.

The common term for instant change is miracle. While this level of spiritual creativity is admired and even worshipped, it is problematic when you are in a body. It is confusing for your body to have its circumstances altered instantly because it needs a period of adjustment. While miracles are wonderful, it is recommended to respect the body’s reality and create in the present moment.

Spirit and body are different, while spirit can create instantly and is not bound by time, the body can create only in present time and is limited by time. Our spiritual illusion of past and future allows us, the spirit, to practice before we manifest physically and to heal issues we left in our body from the past.

The easiest way to focus our spiritual attention in the body is to put our attention on the body. Be still and listen to your body’s heartbeat, breathing and other sensations. These physical phenomena will bring your attention to now. Also, learn grounding to bring your awareness into the present. The present is NOW and you need to be here!

By Mary Ellen Flora

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