Meditation For All

This is a continuing instruction series focusing on the fundamentals of meditation. Your instructor for this series is renowned meditation teacher, Mary Ellen Flora.

Class Two:

You Are Spirit

You are a bright spark of light. You are spirit and part of the Divine Whole. You can discover how to experience yourself as spirit, a bright light, a Divine spark within the physical world.

The bright energy that is you is the light and life of your body. You, the spirit, are the creator of your life. You are the healer, communicator and creator. Your body is the transmitter for the vibration that is you, like a radio transmitting music. You are the light and your body is the vessel.

With meditation you learn to quiet the intellect and emotions of your body and allow your spiritual flow into your consciousness. When you meditate you awaken to yourself, the spirit, and remember how to effectively use your body.

SIT IN A CHAIR, BACK STRAIGHT, feet separate on the floor and hands relaxed in your lap. Breathe deeply and be still for a moment. Enjoy feeling your body rhythms of breathing and heart beating to help you focus in the moment.

BE STILL and know that you are spirit and be quiet with this knowledge for a few moments.

BE PHYSICALLY CONSCIOUS OF YOUR SPIRITUAL PRESENCE. Being still with this awareness of your spiritual nature leads you inward where you awaken to you, the spirit.

ALLOW YOUR BODY TO BE AWARE OF YOU, THE SPIRIT. Your body may feel you as warmth, tingling, a bright light, a presence. Be still and allow your personal experience.

SAY HELLO to yourself and receive a hello in return.

TAKE TIME to be still with yourself. This quiet time is a healing for both you and your body.

YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS OF YOUR SPIRITUAL EXPERIENCE will alter your view of life. Enjoy the new vista.

PRACTICE:  Be aware of you, the spirit, during your quiet time.

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