Present Time

Class Two:

Benefits of Being in Present Time

There are many benefits from being in present time. The main benefit is enhanced communication with your physical body and other’s physical bodies.

You, the spirit, can be in different realms such as past and future while your body can only be in present time. Thus, being in the present connects you with your body where you can clearly communicate with and through it.

When you focus on spirit and body communication, you discover the power of being in present time. By focusing in the present, you can learn the differences between you and your body, how to understand your body and relate to its emotions and intellect.

A review of grounding and center of the head may be helpful to assist your present time focus.

SIT IN A STRAIGHT-BACKED CHAIR in a quiet place, with your feet separate and flat on the floor. Separate your hands in your lap.

GROUND yourself through your body from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Always begin your meditation with grounding and centering.

FOCUS YOUR BRIGHT LIGHT in the center of your head. Allow your grounding and centering to draw you into the present.

BREATHE DEEPLY and listen to your breathing to help you focus on your body. Allow your breathing to bring you into the present with your body.

LISTEN to your heartbeat to bring your attention to the present where your body exists. Meditate on your breathing and heartbeat and let other thoughts float away or flow down your grounding cord.

BE AWARE of other aspects of your physical body: your feet on the floor, back on the chair, your skin all around you.

ACKNOWLEDGE your body as your vessel. Be here with it and realize how much information it provides you: sight, sound, taste, smell and all of the physical experiences it has, as well as emotions and your intellect.

BE IN THE PRESENT by using all of this awareness of your physical body and how to use it: grounding, centering, the breath, heartbeat, and the many sensations of this amazing body.

IF YOU ARE “SPACING OUT” or “out of touch” with your physical reality, ground, center and focus in present time to bring you back in touch with your body.

PRACTICE: Put this all together: ground, center, focus in present time. Like anything you use your body for, it will require time. So, be patient with your body.

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