Present Time

Class Three:

Know Your Body

All bodies exist in present time. Spirit is not bound by time, so it has to remember or relearn how to relate to time when in the body. Spirit creates instantly. So if we do not respect the time aspect of bodies, we create every thought and emotion expressed by the body instantly. What a mess that would be! A world of babies with big bodies.

When you, the high energy spirit, slow down your energy enough to create through your body you need to allow your body to change and grow more slowly than you, the spirit. Patience is needed when relating to bodies.

Your body is really opposite of you, the spirit. Spirit does not operate in time, space or mass. Spirit does not have emotions or intellect. The body has all of the above characteristics and none of the spiritual abilities. Spirit has to learn to know its body in every lifetime to use it correctly and allow its spiritual abilities such as clairvoyance and knowingness to flow through its body with patience.

SIT IN YOUR MEDITATION POSITION and take deep breaths to relax your body.

GROUND yourself through your body from your first chakra to the center of the Earth. Always begin your meditation with grounding and centering.

FOCUS IN the center of your head, above and behind your eyes.

EXPERIENCE YOUR bright spiritual light in your head.

BE AWARE OF your body surrounding you and experience the difference between you and your body.

BE AWARE of you, the spirit, and how bright and high energy you are and how much lower energy your body is.

GROUND and center to assist you and your body to work in harmony and respect your differences. Be patient with your body.

FOCUS IN PRESENT TIME to understand your body and see what you are creating in and through your body.

USE YOUR GROUNDING cord to release any unwanted concepts and energies.

END YOUR MEDITATION by bending forward to release energy from your shoulders, arms and head. Sit up and resume your activities.

PRACTICE recognizing your spirit/body differences.

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