Class One:

Fundamentals of Grounding

Grounding is the foundation of our meditation practice. This meditation focuses on you, the spirit, consciously using your physical body. Thus the grounding originates at the root chakra or first chakra located near the base of your spine. The first chakra contains your spiritual information about creativity within the body. Grounding benefits you in healing yourself.

Grounding helps you, the spirit, be in charge of your life by giving you a conscious connection with this reality. It helps you be more aware and in control of your physical creations, including the use of your kundalini energy. When you are grounded, the body is safer because you are present and focused on it. Grounding makes the body feel comfortable because you are there and in change, much as a child feels safe when an adult is present to help.

Grounding from the first chakra enhances your spirit and body communication and creativity. Grounding keeps your body safe and helps spirit flow into the physical world with ease. Grounding is the first technique to use in your meditation. Grounding is the creation of an energy cord from your body to the center of the Earth. You, the soul, create the cord from your first chakra and allow it to flow to the center of the Earth. To best experience grounding, find a quiet place where you can be alone and undisturbed. Use your meditation position and sit in a straight-backed chair with your spine as straight as possible. This helps your energy move more smoothly. Sit with your hands separated in your lap and your feet flat on the floor. Take a few deep breaths to relax your body, and let yourself enjoy using grounding to turn within.

FROM YOUR FIRST CHAKRA, close to the base of your spine, create a cord of energy and let it flow like a laser beam, down through the physical world of chair, floor, and earth, to the center of the Earth. Make the connection between your first chakra and the grounding cord a strong one. Also, make a strong connection at the center of the Earth. Breathe and relax your body, allowing it to adjust to being grounded.

You can be grounded at all times. It is an excellent spiritual technique to help maintain supervision of your physical creativity. You can be grounded when you are sitting, standing, lying down, walking, or engaging in any other type of activity. The more you practice your grounding, the more grounded you will be. You can increase your grounding by sending more energy down the grounding cord. You can use your grounding in daily life as well as in your meditation. Practice your grounding in quiet meditation and you will become proficient enough to take it into your life.

Again, to experience grounding, be aware of the energy center near the base of your spine, the first chakra. This chakra contains your information about how to relate to this earthly reality. Chakras are simply energy centers that contain information for you to use and master as spirit.

CREATE AN ENERGY FLOW from this chakra to the center of the Earth. The energy will flow through all physical matter, the chair, the floor, the earth, until it reaches the center of the planet. Allow the grounding cord to be attached at the bottom of your first chakra and at the center of the Earth to enhance flow of energy and stability.

Relax and experience the spiritual connection you have created with this Earth. Notice how your body reacts to being grounded. Take a few deep breaths to focus your attention on you and your body. Each individual will have a unique experience. Allow yourself to be still and listen so you can get to know yourself and your body.

Use your grounding in your meditation and learn to use it in the rest of your life. Have fun with your grounding.

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