Class Four:

Grounding Creates Clear Communication

Communication is essential to both spirit and body and grounding enhances communication between the spiritual and physical realms and within the physical and spiritual realities. Grounded communication is a healing for both spirit and body.

You are spirit and your body is your vessel. You need to have clear communication between spirit and body to function effectively and grounding is the cornerstone of your spirit/body connection. When you are not grounded, you, the spirit, are not aware of your body and physical experience and your body is not conscious of you, the spirit. When you ground, you are in touch with your physical reality and can be in charge of your body and other physical creations.

Without grounding, you do not know the body’s experience and with grounding, you have communication between spirit and body and know what is occurring. When you are grounded, your body feels safe and can respond clearly to internal and external communication. If you are not grounded, your body feels spacey, unfocused, even afraid and this makes it difficult to communicate clearly with self or others.

Grounding helps you, the spirit, communicate with others because it allows your spiritual vibration to flow clearly through your body. Grounding puts you, the spirit, in charge of your communication. If you are not grounded, your body will be in control and will express itself with its emotions. You, the spirit, may wish to express compassion but your body may be sending a message of fear. Grounding allows you, the spirit, to release the body’s emotions and express your spiritual message through your body.

SIT IN YOUR MEDITATION POSTURE in a straight backed chair, hands and feet separate, spine straight. Breathe deeply, close your eyes and turn within. Ground from your first chakra to the center of the Earth, relax and enjoy being grounded.

BE AWARE you are spirit and not your body. Say hello to your body. Allow your body to say hello to you.

INCREASE YOUR GROUNDING by sending extra energy down your ground cord.

TUNE IN to how your grounding helps you open your communication between you, the spirit, and your body.

USE YOUR GROUNDING to release any interference with your spirit/body communication.

PRACTICE GROUNDING in your quiet meditations. When you are comfortable with your grounding, use it in your communication with others.

Grounding is the spiritual foundation of communication on planet Earth. Grounding creates clear communication with your body, planet Earth and everyone and everything on Earth.

Have fun with your new level of interaction.

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