meditation is the wayI like my life. It‘s meditating that makes it so.

I realized recently that I like my life. I haven’t always. Like everyone, I know I have hurts from my past and ideals that I’m not good enough. It’s so easy to judge my disturbances and, in turn, judge others.

I’ve been meditating for over thirty years and I could not be more grateful to CDM for the techniques I’ve learned. I think of attempting to build a house without a hammer, a level or all the other tools needed. The tools I’ve learned in meditation class have given me day-to-day practical ways to deal with whatever is in front of me. I use my grounding to let go of fear, making my body (my house) more stable.

Cool example: I woke up yesterday and felt horrible. I went to the CDM Spiritual Center YouTube channel and watched two videos. The videos reminded me that I am spirit, a bright spark of God. It perked me up beyond a cup of coffee. It was my cup of inspiration.

I meditate every day. I ground and release energy as ongoing upkeep. These daily meditations help me to really enjoy people. I always have but I’ve been noticing there’s more fear in the world. I’ve spent my life in fear, and I can honestly say the meditation techniques that I have learned have saved my life. I now know how to let go of fear. More and more I see that rough patches in my own life are all a part of learning. I’m more tolerant and forgiving of my own foibles. I am more compassionate of others fears and meanness as ‘I’ve been there, done that.’

With grounding, my foundation becomes steady and I am less affected by the storms around me. This self-healing allows compassion. And wow, that’s a great vibration to add to the world!

By Louise Taschereau

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