Meditation Changed My LifeI first picked up a book by Mary Ellen Flora about 25 years ago. That book on self-healing saved my life.

At first, I only read it in secret in the privacy of a local library, out of fear of being ostracized by my religious group. I had no one to talk to about the techniques and many times I stopped practicing and “repented”, but I kept returning to the healing process and kept clearing my system and discovering what is true for me. The clear instructions in those eight books were a beacon leading me out of darkness to a place where I can see life clearly.

From those books I learned how to ground myself, be in the center of my head, run earth and cosmic energy, use a rose to create and destroy, run kundalini energy, bring my system into present time, meditate with amusement, and listen to my inner voice.

After 10 years of cleansing my system, I finally had the courage to talk to my parents and eventually to the rest of my family about my new perspective. To my surprise my parents did not reject me, although they pray every day that I will go back to their beliefs. I did lose a close relationship I had with my sister.

I used the visualization techniques (spiritual mock-ups) to create my life. I visualized and created the job I wanted, a loving spouse and a son, friends who enjoy having a clear perspective of life, and more spiritual energy for myself.

I released incredible amounts of tension out of my body down my grounding cord. I spent years releasing judgment that was programmed into my system. I released beliefs that were no longer true for me in the present. I filled my system with my own energy and God’s energy.

I worked on gaining a spiritual perspective and maintaining that perspective throughout my daily life. There are still many times during the day that I lose that spiritual focus, but each day it becomes easier to find it and reestablish it again.

The techniques, advice, and encouragement that Mary Ellen wrote down have transformed my life. When I look back at the direction I was heading, I shudder to think how my life would have turned out without it. Saying “thank you” seems so inadequate, but from the bottom of my heart I do thank you.

I would love to have a chance to thank Mary Ellen in person, though I realize that may not be possible. Either way I will always be grateful for the light on my path that allowed me to find my way back to God.

Duane Kanz

By Duane Kanz

Duane and I did meet. It was extremely validating for me to visit with someone
who benefited so much from the information in the books.
Thank you, Duane, for your communication and validation. — Mary Ellen

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