Take care of yourself! This means to care for yourself, your body and your other creations, in other words heal yourself first.

Most people are taught to take care of others instead of themselves.  This outward healing focus causes disturbance in your system and in the system of those on whom you focus. You can continue to give and heal as you relate to others, but you need to learn to heal yourself first, since you heal through your body and space.
To have a clear healing field requires that you heal your body to create this clarity through which your spiritual energy can flow. If you are focused on others without healing yourself, you will give them what you have within your system. If you have pain, fear, hate or other debilitating vibrations in your system, you will send these energies to those you wish to heal. To allow healing energy to flow into you to be available to others, you must clear your personal system. By clearing pain, more joy can flow into and through you. When you let go of fear, you can have and give more love. Taking care of yourself first allows you to fill your system with higher vibrations and to be available to assist others to heal. As the airlines say, “Put the oxygen mask on yourself first before you assist others.”

You are spirit. Your body and all of your physical creations are your spiritual manifestations. You are responsible for what you create, including your body. So you need to be aware of and care for your creations. In order for you, the high energy spirit, to come into and through your body you need to clear your body and raise its vibration. This requires focus and commitment and can be accomplished most easily through meditation.
Many people forget to include their body in their spiritual plans, and the body may rebel if not considered. For example, a young man came for a spiritual healing when our group was presenting at a Healing Fair. When the healer grounded the young man, he almost fainted. The healer was a wise, older man and immediately asked the young man when he had last eaten and he said over two days ago. The healer sent the young man to eat before he got a healing. He returned after eating, received a healing and used our spiritual path for many years since it acknowledged the body’s needs as well as spiritual desires. You cannot make the body like spirit, or vice versa, and need to respect both levels of creativity. Spirit is responsible for its body so we need to remember how bodies work.
You can learn to heal yourself with meditation. You can release unwanted energy and bring the energy you desire into your body and energy system. You cannot successfully bring high spiritual vibrations into your body for healing until you have cleared or raised the lower physical vibrations. Bringing high spiritual energy into an unprepared body will create conflict, disturbance, and possibly pain. You may experience feeling out of control of your life if you do not take care of yourself, especially when opening spiritually. You may even injure your body if you try to make it be like you, the spirit.
Many people forget they must heal themselves and then attempt to skip this self-healing step. Often people pretend to be self-sacrificing, giving and responsible when they are actually hurting themselves and others by not taking care of their personal issues and space. Everyone around them receives the disturbances they deny instead of a healing. It is a challenge for healers to realize they need to heal themselves first because they are driven to help others and often impatient to change things. There is the temptation to skip the self-healing but without a clear field through which to flow, there is little or no healing. Step one is care for yourself and then you will have an abundance to share with others.
Take care of yourself, heal yourself, love yourself and you do these things for everyone.
By Mary Ellen Flora

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